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From the popular Dubai International Stadium to the Dubai Sports City development to the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, the UAE offers sports lovers plenty of well-equipped sports venues. Not only are there plenty of places to enjoy watching international teams compete – the quality of the city’s sporting facilities has attracted several globally-recognized training and sports development brands. This makes Dubai a great city for budding sportspeople who are interested in various sports like cricket, football, tennis or basketball, as quality coaching is easy to find.

Many sporting activities are primarily recreational, but while swimming is a relaxing and fun activity for the whole family, it is also essential for safety. If they learn to swim from a young age, children are less at risk of falling into unattended pools, or it could be life-saving. Many older children and adults take swimming classes simply to improve their strength as swimmers as well as their ability to perform the different standard strokes.

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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

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Cricket Lessons

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Football Coaching

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Tennis Lessons

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Basketball Lessons

Swimming Lessons

If you are new to Dubai, you might not yet have considered that swimming classes for mixed genders are not widely accepted, thus if you are a man you will need to find a men’s class and women's class if you are a woman. Swimming classes in Dubai are offered in indoor as well as outdoor facilities, and some are offered in heated pools, which is particularly useful if you need to book a time that is early in the morning or later in the day when the temperature begins to drop sharply.

Whether you are looking for lessons in Dubai or swimming classes in Sharjah, it is worth finding out what kind of facilities there are available at a the center you are considering before you enroll in class.

The more luxurious ones may have waiting rooms in addition to private showers and changing rooms. When you find men’s sessions, you will be able to choose between beginner classes, which teach basic flotation and strokes, andintermediate and more advanced classes. In addition to providing good exercise, swimming lessons provide good fitness training as well as an opportunity to socialize with other men from the area. The different swimming lessons in Dubai are:

• Swimming Lessons For Men

• Swimming Lessons For Women

• Swimming Lessons For Babies

• Swimming Lessons For Children

Swimming Lessons
Cricket Lessons

Cricket Lessons

Cricket coaching in Dubai can be found for players of all levels, from novices to professional athletes who want to stay on top of their game. There is the saying ‘catches win matches’, and when you have a skilled coach helping you hone your own skills, you will make more than good catches – you will be closer to becoming a true all-rounder.

Choosing a cricket coach is an important process, as the right coaching will make all the difference, whether you are learning the basics or perfecting your technique. Whether you want to become more skilled at batting, and want to be able to hit fours and sixes, or you want to become the world’s greatest spin bowler, sound training is the bedrock of sporting prowess.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a coach in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, always examine a potential coach’s credentials. Certifications such as those offered by the ICC ensure that coaches know how to train effectively, and also demonstrate the professional’s investment in becoming a skilled coach.

Football Coaching

The prosperity of the United Arab Emirates has enabled the construction of several large, well-maintained sports grounds, and football is one sport that is enjoyed by players and spectators throughout the Emirates. Stadiums such as Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi have hosted important international football events (the ZSC Stadium hosted the FIFA Youth World Cup in 2003 and the FIFA Club World Cup in 2009 and 2010). In addition to being home to a number of large soccer venues, the Emirates also have a football league with teams based in populous cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain.

In additional to professional football, recreational football is popular in the UAE, and this makes it easy to find football coaching in Dubai or the Emirates’ other populous cities. Whether you want to ‘Bend it like Beckham’ or are simply looking for other football lovers to play matches with or against, coaches working in the region can help and the best will teach you all the technique that will help you to score goals and penalties or play a good goalkeeper.

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Tennis Lessons

Tennis Lessons

Tennis is a popular sport in the United Arab Emirates. The annual Dubai Tennis Championships, with prize money in the range of $2 million, attracts world renowned tennis pros and spectators alike, and the Aviation Club Tennis Centre where the championships take place seats 5000 people. Given the popularity of the sport, it follows that there are many coaches who offer tesnnis lessons in Dubai for people of all skill levels.

Whether you hope to become the next Roger Federer or you simply want to obtain exercise and socialize with other tennis enthusiasts, learning how to play a good lob (high overhead shot) or perform an impressive serve takes patience and dedication, but what makes the biggest difference in most players’ progress is the skill level and training methodology of their chosen coaches. With a little bit of research (or via a reliable referral system), you can find a coach who has the necessary credentials to help you improve your sportsmanship tenfold.

Basketball Lessons

Of all the different team sports, basketball is one of the trickiest to master. From dribbling the ball to scoring a slam dunk, players need a combination of skill and athletic prowess. In the United Arab Emirates, basketball is a popular sport, although it competes with football for attracting young talent. Even so, the UAE’s national basketball team has been building strength under the leadership of coach ZoranZupcevic, and the improved performance of the national team in the last Dubai International Basketball Tournament – the team reached the semi-finals – has stoked local interest in the sport further.

Basketball coaching in Dubai and the Emirates’ other major cities is not hard to find, but it is nonetheless important to go through the right channels so that you find a professional who is not only experienced and trained, but who also has the write training methods to help you to excel and become a sought-after team player.

Most of the players in the UAE national team were born and raised in the Emirates, and there are plenty of sports and training facilities in place to ensure that children who start early in basketball training can progress to competing at a professional level, if they show the raw talent and the dedication required. Even simply as a recreational sport, basketball provides a fun-filled activity for younger children, and it is easy to find training for the different age categories.

To begin with, basketball coaching for children starting from the age of four is simple, concentrating on the development of basic motor skills. As children grow bigger and older, routines such as dribbling and passing the ball become appropriate as their bodies develop. When looking for basketball coaching in Dubai for younger children, it is important to find a coaching service that matches the style of its training to the reasonably expected capabilities of the age group it teaches.

Basketball Lessons

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