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No matter the size of your business, big or small, considerable time and finances are allocated to marketing your products and brand. In today’s competitive market, it more crucial than ever to stand out and have a leg up on your competitors. It is easy to overlook one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of advertisement that is sure to not only bring in more customers but also help build a unique brand identity for your business. What better way to communicate your message than through the use of high quality signage, signboards and advertising.

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Outdoor Signage & Signboards

Your company’s outdoor signboard is the first thing that customers look at and is an important the initial impression formed about your company. Other forms of outdoor adverstising such as billboards and street signs are an extremely effective way to get your brand noticed. Here are some reasons why outdoor advertising is amongst the most popular type of advertising in the UAE.

Always Visible

An outdoor sign never closes for business. Whereas most other forms of advertising such as radio and television are played at certain times, an outdoor sign is always visible to passersby.

Value For Money

Contrary to popular belief, outdoor signage is realtively cheaper than many other forms of advertisiement, especially when overall reach is taken into consideration. Signage companies in Dubai often charge 80% less than advertisements placed on TV or print.

High Visibility

Unlike radio and TV ads which tend to be tuned out by the listener, outdoor advertising is a lot more likley to be noticed. With Dubai’s busy traffic, cars often move slowly through traffic getting people to look at outdoor signage more carefully.

Technologically Advanced

Signage companies in Dubai are now using advanced technologies to make outdoor advertising even more eye catching and economical. For example, several large digital signboards have popped up along Sheikh Zayed Rd. which are bright even in the daytime and allow several advertisers to alternate resulting in cheaper advertising rates.


Indoor Signage

Indoor signage when placed in the right areas such as a store’s main entrance or front windows can help attract the attention of existing customers as well as those who otherwise would’ve passed by without noticing your store. These signs can be helpful in spreading awareness among customers regarding new products, monthly offers or seasonal pro motions.

All design aspects of indoor signage can be fully customized to suit your needs. Whether it be the material on which your signage is printed, the colours and images used as well as the size of the signage itself, you can create something to fit your business’ needs perfectly. The use of bold colours and pictures as well as catchphrases make indoor signage hard to miss. Since these signs are highly visible, customers will easily be able to notice these on your doors or windows. Best of all, indoor signage provides a relatively inexpensive marketing tool that is sure to drive potential customers to your doorstep.

Signage companies in Dubai can help you custom create any design of your choice in a variety of materials, graphics and fonts. Reliable and professional signage companies will assist you from start to finish in creating visually appealing and high quality signage that will be sure to keep existing customers coming back and attract new customers as well.

Roll-up Banners

When thinking of effective marketing tools, roll-up banners often come to mind as a flexible and effective advertising solution. Roll up banners can be effectively used in various settings in order to highlight the goods and services provided by your company. They are often designed with colourful, bold designs and convey pertinent information in the form of large, easy to read fonts. This allows businesses to not only attract attention of potential clients in regularly visited areas but also in areas where there is a high volume of foot traffic.

Prime examples of areas where you may have already seen roll up banners being used include large to medium scale events such as conventions and conferences as well as smaller but frequently visited offices, showrooms, medical clinics or hospitals.

As you may already know, the location of an advertisement is easily the most important factor to consider. However, with roll up banners, the biggest advantagis that you can easily place the advertisment wherever it is most suitable with very little effort. In order to gain a potential customer’s undivided attention, roll up banners must be placed in areas where they would not only be visible but also legible. It is no surprise then that roll up banners are commonly seen in public waiting areas or in cafes.

Signage companies in Dubai can help provide your business with roll up banners that make your business stand out from the rest.


Window Graphics

Window graphics provide a low cost, fully customizable way to turn any location of your choice (such as your storefront) from clear glass to colourful, eye catching advertisements. These graphics allow for potential customers to find your contact information readily as well as learn more about our products and services, translating into an everyday growing client base.

Window graphics serve a dual purpose when applied to glass storefronts. The design and content of your window graphics can be changed easily and frequently as they can come in easy to install decals. This provides an opportunity to advertise monthly specials or seasonal offers with new window graphics. In addition, window graphics may also provide a way to ensure privacy and shield your business environment from the hot summer sun. Signage companies in Dubai are able to install several types of window graphics which include completely clear film, ideal for showroom and storefronts, or one way vision film which is more suitable for some shops, office and vehicles.

Wall Graphics

Enhancing the look and feel of your business is now simpler than ever. Wall graphics provide an inexpensive solution to all yourdesign woes. Traditionally, painting walls promised a new look to the room. However, it took hours of prep work and manuallabour in order to apply just one coat. Even then, the design and colour options with paint proved to be limited at best.

Wall graphics not only allow you to create and customize every aspect of the wall design, they also allow choice down to the exact colour hue to suit your business needs. Wall graphics are a relatively cheap and easily installed way to brand your business and highlight the goods and services your business has to offer.

No design project is too big or complex as the wall graphics are digitally generated to include the smallest of details. Fully customizable graphics, perfectly suited to your business can be generated easily.

Various signage companies in Dubai can help you design wall graphics to perfectly complement your existing store or office design. They can also help you create a whole new ambience and atmosphere that is visually appealing to all your clients.


Floor Graphics

While some large scale advertisements may seem overwhelming to execute, other methods such as floor graphics provide a small scale yet powerful approach to advertising. Floor graphics can be designed to effectively advertise anything from new goods to promotional offers. The fully customizable nature of floor graphics allows businesses to target their customers in an efficient way. Using floor graphics, your brand logo or that of your products can be cre ated and placed in an otherwise uncluttered surface.

Not only can floor graphics be utilized to introduce new products or promotions, it can also be an equally effective way to redirect customers to a certain area or department. With virtually limitless options of designs, colours and sizes, these graphics can be placed in areas which experience foot traffic from potential customers. Not only are these graphics easily installed and removed, they are also durable and will last several months depending on the surface and volume of traffic.

From designing a logo that reflects your advertisement needs, to executing a visually appealing and creative design and finally deciding the perfect placement, BusinessBid’s panel of signage companies in Dubai can help you with all aspects of advertising using wall graphics.

Custom Stickers

With there being an overload of information we are exposed to everyday, whether it be digitally or in print, it is more important than ever for companies to choose simple and effective means of reaching their potential clients.

This goal can be achieved using vinyl stickers, made to represent your brand and help build your client base. Vinyl stickers have been around for decades and that means they have been tried and tested as one of the best marketing tools. One of the clear advantages of vinyl stickers is their cost and durability. Since vinyl stickers are relatively inexpensive and versatile, they can be ordered in bulk and can be placed not only in your store or office, but also on vehicles. Vinyl stickers can easily be placed on a variety of surfaces such as wood, concrete or metal. Once placed, they are durable and weather resistant and will ensure effective advertising over a long period of time.

Vinyl stickers enable businesses to specify any new items, services or promotions in order to reach a larger audience. Not only are they used for advertising purposes, but are also ideal for safety and warning signs or instructional guides. Not only can signage companies in Dubai help you enhance your existing brand identity, but can also provide design ideas that can take your business to the next level.


Digital Signage

Unlike static printed advertising or signage, digital signage allows a rotation of adverts over a period of day or an hour. A digital sign allows for a change of message instantaneously, and can be programmed to display certain messages at certain times of day, for example, at peak traffic times.

Most digital signage is now created with the use of LED’s reducing electricity costs. Digital billboards also make use of solar power coming factory fitted with solar panels.

Flags and Banners

Large and colourful custom designed flags and banners have been used as effective marketing tools over the years. They are usually easy to spot and attract the attention of potential customers.

Used in a variety of ways and locations, custom made flags can help advertise your brand to a large number of people. The most common use of flags and banners is seen in public places such as shopping malls as well as along major roads and highways. Custom designed flags and banners can be used effectively in high to medium traffic areas to not only build and reinvent your brand identity, but also to inform your target audience of goods and/or promotions being offered by your company.

Often made with bright colours, with or without writing, they are sure to immediately attract attention of any passerby. Since they are usually placed outdoors, flags and banners sway in the wind and therefore provide a means of advertising that is hard to miss.

Custom designs allow your business to stand out and be noticed, in turn driving new and existing clientele to your business. Our panel of signage companies in Dubai can help you design various types of fully customizable flags and banners that aim to promote a new product or highlight a seasonal promotion or a limited time offer.


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