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Entrust reliable IT services companies to implement maintenance contracts

Most businesses today have some form of IT solutions set up to perform their business functions and activities. Regardless of their technology needs, no company wants to experience service interruptions due to failing technology. With IT support, Dubai businesses need technological experts who have the experience and expertise to troubleshoot and identify system faults quickly and efficiently.

Dubai is a venerable hub of providers of IT services that offer maintenance contracts regardless of how complex your requirement. However, when enlisting the services of a tech support expert, companies must qualify the following:

• Does the IT maintenance contract meet and support your business requirements?

• Are the service providers experienced enough to support the current and emerging technology?

• Is there a customized contract including Service Level Agreement’s?

• Are you receiving performance reporting and other value-add services?

When it comes to IT support, Dubai companies are discouraged from simply choosing the cheapest option as it does not guarantee you will get the best outcome for your technology and business needs.

Hard Soft

Invest in hardware and software services, including installation and troubleshooting

IT support companies and professionals usually offer hardware and software installation as part of the comprehensive IT solutions infrastructure set up. It is important to invest in genuine hardware and authentic software. Even though it is a sizeable initial expense, it will save you money and provide efficiency in the long run. Providers of IT services companies in Dubai will give you the right advice and recommend licensed software, which will avoid downtime and security risks that will impact your productivity and bottom-line.

There are numerous recognized vendors providing computing hardware who offer service warranties and product guarantees on the components and peripherals they supply.

Protect your company’s computer security

A major threat to any business is inadequate security in their technology gateway or platform. Many business owners might believe they won’t be a target but IT security should be taken seriously. A robust antivirus package avoids security breaches and damage to systems and databases. In fact, it is best practice to install anti-malware and firewall packages for essential protection. Cloud computing now facilitates remote real-time updating of virus databases to avoid a new strain of Trojan slipping by your firewall and wreaking havoc when you have forgotten to update your anti-virus software.

BusinessBid’s panel of IT services companies in UAE offer IT security recommendations designed to protect your business information.


Support your business with networking and data communication

All businesses require some basic forms of computer networks, and there are many companies in Dubai that are capable of designing and building the right one for you. Whether you are a small business needing a few workstations, a medium office with high data management or are a large business operating across different regions, IT networking is a vital component for operational efficiency.

There are several reputable networking companies on BusinessBid’s panel of IT providers. Simply tell us your requirements and receive three quotes today.

Aid your growth with professional IT support in computer optimization

As any business evolves, the need to upscale performance also increases. One of the ways to achieve this is by computer or software optimization, which is intended to increase efficiency with less technological resources. The optimization can occur at different levels such as design, build, compilation or assembly and a consultation with an expert IT services company will give you an understanding of what is best suited for your needs.

Our panel of IT support companies in Dubai have experience in this area and can develop plans to manage this requirement effectively.


Find Dubai IT services to assist with backup and storage requirements

Some businesses require some form of a backup function as part of their IT solutions. This refers to the process of copying and archiving computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event or a user-defined data retention policy. The backups can be done manually or automated depending on the business needs.

When it comes to IT support, Dubai businesses can partner with BusinessBid to connect with service providers that can structure a practical backup solution in line with your business’s requirements.

Appoint a reputable IT company for security surveillance

Many of our homes and offices require the constant need of surveillance, whether for security reasons to keep unwanted intruders out or for the purposes of general monitoring of your location. The most common system used is the CCTV camera, and there are many companies in Dubai that offer customized CCTV solutions for residential and commercial premises all across the UAE.

The ranges of services available vary from CCTV systems, alarm systems, and motion sensors, depending on the user’s specific requirements. These are often enabled using easy-to-use systems and software that incorporates latest technologies, allowing you to monitor and protect your home or office even from remote locations.

Have a requirement for CCTV installation or surveillance in Dubai for your home or office? Speak to BusinessBid and we can connect you to recommended and reliable companies today.

Access Control

Install access control with a professional IT services company

The modern day workplace has advanced so much that many of the latest buildings incorporate access control to monitor and review who enters the premises. Many buildings and workplaces across Dubai have access control cards mainly to restrict access to the specific users or employees. Such mechanisms can also restrict or allow access to designated areas as well, for instance, secure server rooms or board rooms in commercial offices or gyms and elevators in residential apartments. There are many IT services companies in Dubai that provide various tailor-made suitable solutions to such needs across both commercial and residential spaces. Some of their solutions also include biometric and time attendance systems to capture actual times of when people have entered or exited the building or office, as well as Intercom systems with videos to recognize personnel and a host of security card access. If you need access control systems for your office or workplace call BusinessBid today – we can connect you to pre-screened and reviewed IT support companies.

Employ an IT support professional to install PABX and IP telephony

Many medium to large businesses have complex communications requirements due to huge volumes of incoming and outgoing calls. The ideal solution for this is to opt for a smart PABX solution. If you need a PABX or IP solution so your business can field and redirect inbound calls, it is important to enlist the services of a trusted provider of IT support. When organizing PABX installation by service providers, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • What is the start up cost and will there be additional equipment fees?
  • If your business uses fax technology does the system accommodate fax machines?
  • What is the support being provided? Can the system be upgraded as the company grows?

As there are various different makes of PBX system, it is useful to do some research and read reviews or technical specifications of different systems. If you need professional recommendations, consult our providers of IT support services in Dubai for advice.


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