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Dubai is considered as the trade capital of the Middle East and many businesses showcase their products and services through various well-known exhibitions in Dubai which gives them excellent coverage and exposure. Research shows the average time potential clients spend at a stand in a large exhibition centre is 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Therefore you have a short amount of time to grab their attention and make an impact with an impressive exhibition stand design.

The design that you end up choosing for your exhibition stand to represent your company brand is key for a successful marketing campaign. There are many reputed exhibition companies in Dubai who are experienced in designing and building attractive stands. Depending on your budget and requirement you might decide to build an exhibition stand, exhibition booth or a kiosk.

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Exhibition Stand Building

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Exhibition Stand Building

Every exhibition stand tells a story – whether it is used to showcase a new innovation, draw attention to old products and designs, or simply raise awareness about a concept. Exhibitions provide the scaffolding to support your ideas and display them in a positive light. There can’t be any compromising when it comes to building your exhibition stand, because it represents a huge opportunity for you to display your concept in a way that captures people’s attention and leaves them in awe.

But you don’t have to take on this pressure alone; in fact, it would be quite a gamble to do so. There are trained and experienced exhibition stand management services available that can assist you in bringing your creative vision to life – and do so in a way that distinguishes what you have to offer from every other option of its kind. A good exhibition stand management service will walk you through the entire process of stand building, offering quality suggestions and advice along the way. What sets one exhibition stand management service apart from another is the experience that the company has within the particular industry you are operating in, and how aware they are of recent trends in the media.

A good exhibition stand management service will help you achieve your initial goal, and do so within the constraints you face. Be it a limited budget, limited space or a very specialized industry – an experienced exhibition stand management company will provide you with the type of arrangement you have in mind, without compromising on the quality of their service. After all, your exhibition stand represents your organization or product in the media and will be on record for the world to see. A good exhibition stand management service will take you and your company seriously and deliver on every front requested – from brainstorming initial ideas with you through to providing you with a dedicated exhibition stand building team that will deal with any last minute concerns on the particular day. Ultimately, your exhibition stand should be of the highest caliber possible, and your exhibition stand building service will make sure of that.

Exhibition Stand Building
Kiosk Building

Kiosk Building

Kiosks are an up and coming way to attract new consumers and stand out from the competition. Kiosks at malls are a convenient way for any brand to generate sales without the need to set up a new shop. Apart from attracting new cus- tomers, kiosks are also excellent for maintaining the existing consumer base as they provide easy access and make the consumer feel valued. Seeing as how convenience is the focal point of today’s consumer, kiosks are a boon for any organization wishing to establish brand loyalty.

Over and above all of these advantages, however, is the minimal cost that goes into setting up a kiosk relative to opening up a retail store. There are no leases to be signed and storage costs are minimized, which makes setting up a kiosk a low-risk option for any firm that is trying to gain market share while staying true to their budget. Nevertheless, we live in an extremely competitive world and the world of retailing is no exception. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that if you are designing and building a kiosk, you do so with the help of a professional kiosk building service

A good kiosk building service is one that knows the industry well, has studied kiosk designs and knows what works; having prior experience with retail design and kiosk building are also desirable attributes. A good kiosk building service should be able to assist you throughout the entire process, from the design of the kiosk right through to product place ment. A good kiosk building service would know how to use aesthetics to your favor and ensure that no passer by walks by without taking a look.

What you want from Exhibition Stand Companies in Dubai

Once you have decided on your participation for a trade show, you need to hire good exhibition companies in Dubaior commonly known as exhibition stand contractors. There are some exhibition stand builders in Dubai who will design and build your exhibition stand or if you have a design already they will build the exhibition stand according to your design.

Depending on your requirements whether it is an indoor exhibition stand or an outdoor exhibition stand you will need to hire a company which will:

• Understanding your business needs, company culture and focus on your desired outcome.

• Creating a clear brief in conjunction with you to design your stand.

• Creating 2D drawings of your stand or a3D walk through of your exhibition stand

• Manufacturing &Furnishing your stand as per the design

Other elements of the stand design including lighting, signage, display screens, monitors, water features and audio visuals should be functional and incorporated as per the design brief.

Exhibition Stand Companies in Dubai
Exhibition Stand to Look

How you want your Exhibition Stand to Look

In any exhibition hall you will be fighting for the attention of prospective customers, and you want to be sure that your exhibition stand attracts attention. An impressive exhibition stand designwill have some of the following charac teristics:

• Visibility from all 4 sides if possible.

• Good and bright lighting for the exhibition stand is going to attract attention.

• You want your stand to be inviting, easy to walk through and uncluttered.

• Access to the interior of your stand from as many sides as possible.

• The furniture in your stand should be in proportion to your floor space.

• Comfortable space for your consultants and your clients to interact

Most exhibition companies in Dubai, are experienced enough to understand and deliver an impressive stand design to meet your requirements and it is being delivered to scope.

If you are looking for reliable exhibition stand builders in Dubai or for a good kiosk design, fill out the short form or call 04 42 13777 and have 3 screened and approved stand builders contact you with quotes.



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