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An important part of attending an event is to make sure you look and feel the part. Hiring an event stylistsuch asan experienced hair or make-up artistis a great way to guarantee you look great and put your best foot forward. Whether you have a wedding to attend and need to look glamorous, a birthday party and need a bit of uplift or an important business meeting and need to appear sharp, you can count on BusinessBid to connect you with the most appropriate stylists.

These beauty services can be availed in the comfort of your home in Dubai provided you have the space for the artist to work and focus on their job. Calling them to your home is extremely convenient if you have an event at home or have a group of users who need their services. If you have a group booking advise them in advance how many people require what services so they can allow sufficient time to complete a quality job and also bring in the sufficient materials required. If there is a larger group they may bring in additional help for them to complete their job on time. In such cases you may be able to negotiate a better pricing.

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TYPES OF event beauty Styling SERVICES
Hair Styling

Hair Styling

Make-Up Services

Make-Up Services

Henna Services

Henna Services

Personal Styling

Personal Styling

Hair Styling

Like clothes and fashion styles in hair and grooming also change from season to season and it is no different in Dubai. If you need to look trendy, sharp and smart you definitely need to engage a good hair stylist in Dubai. A good hair stylist in Dubai will be experienced enough to carry out most styles you require from a lob hair-cut, to a messy bun hairstyle, from a ponytail hairstyle to a celebrity look hair style; these hair stylists are trusted and creative to pull off the look you want to wear this season. They are usually trained and have professional qualifications in hair and make-up use top quality hair care products. Most experienced hair stylists will be able to provide you a new look refresh your existing hairstyle

Hair Styling
Make Up Service

Make-Up Service

A good make-up artist in Dubai has the creativity, skills and the experience to work with different people to enhance their look. Whether it is a just a basic touch up service you require or a radical make-over or a completely new look you are aiming for, a good make-up artist in Dubai will be able to achieve that. Many make-up artists in Dubai are trained in reputed global beauty training schools and centers and have experience in working with the popular brands – many of the brands that you already use every day. Some of them will be more than willing to work with you if you wish to supply the beauty products yourself and just require their expertise.

Henna Services

Henna services in Dubai are a well sought after beauty service. With a huge contingency of expatriates from the sub-continent and its growing popularity with the Arabs and local Emiratis; Henna styling on hands an feet is considered a very impressive beauty aspect for women. Many Henna artists provide intricate traditional designs, Indian designs, Arabic and Middle Eastern designs, ethnic, modern and contemporary designs & even exotic patterns. Many consider this is a glamorous but temporary art for on their bodies, quite similar to the tattoos.

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Personal Styling Image

Personal Styling

A personal stylist is usually gives advice to individuals on their clothing and fashion trends, colors, make-up to uplift their physical appearance. A personal stylist in Dubai will be usually focused on the individual rather than a specific fashion brand. With Dubai emerging as a glamorous and fashionable city, there are many individuals who feel they need professional assistance for their wardrobe and fashion needs. You can hire a personal stylist in Dubai foe one-off occasions like weddings, social events, high power business meetings or even job interviews.

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