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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school" is a famous saying by a particular Albert Einstein. As human beings we never cease to learn or should never stop learning. Whether it is in our personal or professional lives. Whether we want our child to improve in a certain subject at school, or supporting their passion for music and singing or whether as a businessman you wish to learn Spanish because of business and trade reasons we all want to pursue learning.

Dubai as an advanced city has advantages of what it can offer in education and learning across academic interests, for people wanting to learn and master new languages, creative areas like art & drawing or wanting to learn a musical instrument- the choices are abundant.

There are a variety of options open to families living in Dubai to choose learning activities from depending on their requirement and preference. Please complete the short form below to receive quotes from trusted and competitive professionals.

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In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities within the United Arab Emirates, there are many schools that provide locals as well as expats with a good education for their children. Even though education standards at local and international schools in the Emirates are high, learning difficulties are a global phenomenon and many children fall behind in one or more subjects due to factors such as dyslexia or problems with concentration. Yet there are tutoring services offered locally by professional teachers in numerous languages, thanks to the diverse demographics of the region.

If you need a tutor who can help your child to catch up in English, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics or another subject, it is important that you choose a tutoring service that your child will feel happy working with. Private tutoring is provided one-on-one mostly, but some educators also offer group classes after hours, which may help those children who are only a little behind in their work. Many parents choose tutoring because it provides their child with the helpful kind of individualized attention that is limited in group classes, however. If you are looking for tuitions in Dubai or another region of the Emirates, knowing a little a bit about tutoring options in the Emirates and how to choose a good tutor will help you to take steps to help your child excel.


Most of the tutors provide a wide range of expertise across different curriculums including O Levels, IGCSE IB and CBSE. They are experienced in handling students from primary school all the way to University level. They help in basic academic assistance of English, Math and Science to assistance in assignments required for universities and complex projects.



Of all the possible hobbies a person can take up, playing a musical instrument is one of the most challenging but also the most rewarding. From developing fine motor skills to developing a discriminating, alert ear, music lessons for children are beneficial for healthy development, and also provide a gentle introduction to the lifelong necessity of self-discipline. In UAE, music teachers are respected and lessons in every instrument, from the guitar, the cello and the piano to the voice, are available.

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Dubai or you want to learn another instrument, it is important that you find a skilled teacher who will explain musical concepts to you in a clear way while also teaching the correct technique for playing the instrument. The different instruments have unique challenges – while piano might involve co-ordinating the hands and the feet, a monophonic (one note at a time) instrument such as the saxophone is more difficult to play initially because the individual has to form his or her mouth into the right shape and tension to produce a note. For these reasons, it is wise to find music classes in Dubai that provide a solid education in musical theory and practice. There are multiple ways to set about learning an instrument in Dubai or another UAE city. Some teachers might also be multi-instrumentalists (it is not uncommon for a woodwind teacher who plays the flute or clarinet to also teach the other instrument, for example).


Dancing is a fabulous way to get exercising. Different types of dancing can increase cardio vascular fitness, build muscle strength, increase co-ordination and get some creative brain activity going. This is true for both adults and children. Choosing dancing as an exercise regime in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is especially beneficial for foreigners, who are not used to the dessert heat, as classes usually take place in air conditioned facilities.

So if you have decided that you wish to undertake dancing then there are plenty of dance classes in Dubai or dance classes in Abu Dhabi you can choose from. If this activity is something you would like to add to your week, then it would be wise to understand better what you (or your children) need from the classes before you make a decision. Luckily in the UAE there seems to be a really fantastic choice of different dance styles offered:

• Zumba

• Jazz & Ballet

• Belly dancing

• Contemporary

• Salsa

• Indian & Bollywood style

• Tap & Ballroom Dancing

• Latin&Hip Hop

• Break dancing



You have felt a creative urge and are ready to commit some time to an artistic discipline. You may have a very specific discipline in mind, one which has been holding your attention for a while, or you may be blank canvas, open to being inspired, willing to try something new. Choosing the correct artistic outlet for you at this particular time is not an exact science. You may have to try a few art modalities on and see if it is the right fit for you. This being said, you can give this choice some good thought upfront.

Usually being able to start painting requires being able to draw. Drawing is an excellent discipline to start with. It gets your hands, eyes and brain working together, and gets you really observing your world around you, which is important for any artist. Many children and adults take up painting classes in Dubai as an outlet for their creative ambitions and to learn and it as well. There is a lot on offer; here are some of the basic options up for consideration.

Choose a class that slot into a convenient time in your week. Very few people who have busy working lives will prior ities an art class over a last minute meeting, dinner time with family or a social weekend lunch. Invariably, given other pressing options, the art class will go out the window.

Once a specific art form has caught your eye, look at what different artists have achieved with this medium and have an end goal in mind. What would I like to be creating, realistically, in 2 months, 6 months, or 5 years?

There are all sorts of inspiring classes and workshops available for adults, teenagers, teens and children.


Because of its centrality within the gulf region and its growth as a major business hub for the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is a melting pot of different cultures and there are thus many languages spoken in the region. Because English has become something of a lingua franca or common language, a means for South Indians and Emiratis as well as expats from elsewhere to communicate with one another, English courses in Dubai are sought after. There are many English-language schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates where children are taught in English from when they are young, but older citizens and children who were taught in Arabic-language schools can also find classes that will help them gain command of the English language.


Choosing Arabic classes in Dubai or a course in another language requires carefully selection, as not all teachers are equally trained. Some teachers offering courses in English will be qualified in TESOL or TEFL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and Teaching English as a Foreign Language). An English speaking course in Dubai offered by a certified teacher or language school ensures that learners are given lessons in a structured and well-planned manner that is conducive to rapid learning.

Even though Arabic and English are the two primary languages in the Emirates, there are also many jobs in the region for French speakers, in areas such as translation and customer support. While it takes lengthy study to be fluent enough in any foreign language to be able to translate texts, French classes in Dubai will get you off to a good start in learning the so-called ‘language of love’. Many African migrants to Dubai and the other emirates hail from French-speaking countries, which can make French a beneficial language for individuals working within the hospitality industry (in which many Africans are employed) to learn.

Regardless of what language you wish to learn or be fluent in, there are many language courses available which will assist you.

If you are looking for an education & learning provider in Dubai, fill out the form and have some of the best providers contact you with a quote.



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