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The process of hiring the right catering company can be overwhelming. With thousands of appealing culinary choices, it is difficult to decide where to begin. Whether you are looking for a caterer for a wedding, a corporate event or a social gathering, Business Bid can help you connect to a catering company that is right for your needs. All you need to do is tell us a little about your catering job and we will get 3 screened and approved companies to contact you with quotations.


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STEP 1: Choose catering services in Dubai with specific experience

A great starting point to finding the right food service provider in the UAE is to narrow down your list according to their specializations. Catering companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai often focus on serving specific types of occasions because menu choices, processes and the expertise required for carrying out the job may vary greatly. However, it is not unusual to find food service providers that are capable of servicing different events. The five general types of events are as follows:

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Corporate Events

Catering services in the UAE often specialize in corporate events such as large seminars, office meetings and team building sessions. These types of events may require onsite catering such as breakfasts and buffets or may alternatively include packed meals and lunchboxes.

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One of the most critical aspects of a wedding reception, as well as the one you will most likely spend the most money, on is the food. Menus for such events tend to be elaborate, often spanning several courses. In order to accommodate for the diverse and multi-cultural environment in the UAE, wedding catering companies normally serve a varied choice of cuisine.

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Social Gatherings

These include private celebratory occasions such as birthday parties, family gatherings, baby showers or graduation celebrations. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other major UAE cities, these events are usually small to medium size and may be held either at home or a special venue. The menu offerings as well as the catering services may vary from simple to elaborate options


Staff Celebrations

In the UAE, catering services for these events are usually carried out at the clients’ premises under a short or long-term contract with a company for its staff members. This type is popular amongst schools, universities, and hospitals as well as work staff accommodations. Food is usually served buffet style and the menu rotated on a frequent basis.

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Public Events

This includes occasions such as sport or seasonal festivities and may include any event where there are lots of people. For these events, catering companies in the UAE often offer crowd favourites such as burgers and hotdogs as well as other popular regional snacks.


STEP 2: Plan ahead for your upcoming Dubai or Abu Dhabi event

Depending on the type of service required, the extravagance of the menu, and the number of guests attending, providers of catering services will require a sufficient notice period before the event. This may vary from a days’ notice for a small gathering to several months’ notice for more elaborate events such as weddings.

STEP 3: Decide on menu options catering to your guests

The process of deciding on a menu is often more complex than picking from a list of entrées. You will need to consider issues such as the type of meal and cuisine you would like served, the number of courses you desire, and whether you would like appetizers, desserts or drinks. You will need to coordinate closely with your chosen catering company, whether that may be in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, to flesh out the details.

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Type of Meal

Depending on the time of day and the type of event, you may either need to serve a single meal or several of them. Corporate events such as seminars and meetings often last a whole day, requiring you to discuss several meal options with your catering company. As these events start in the morning and last until late afternoon, both breakfast and lunch are typically served. Social events are generally for a shorter period of time and only require a single meal served, usually lunch or dinner.


Type of Cuisine

Catering companies in the UAE are generally equipped to serve a variety of cuisines. Depending on the preferences of your guests, you can narrow down your cuisine choices. While it may be commonplace to find companies that specialize in regional favourites such as Arabic and Indian cuisine, other lesser-known cuisines could require some extra work.

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Number of Courses

The number of courses you decide to have at your event will vary greatly by whether you would like a simple, casual get together or a more extravagant formal celebration. This goes hand in hand with the menu choices that you make and can range from appetizers served over a cocktail hour or a multi course seated dinner as the main highlight of the event. Whatever the case may be, you can work closely with the right caterer to meet your exact needs.

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STEP 4: Work out the support staff your catering event will require

Many companies in the catering industry are staffed with waiters, servers and other general help. Whether you need everything from set-up to clean-up or just waiting staff during the event, the right catering companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will ensure your event is adequately staffed. Based on whether your event includes a sit-down meal or a buffet with or without live stations, your service provider will help arrange the appropriate type and number of staff.

STEP 5: Consider how many people you will be catering for

Generally, this will be the one of the first and most important aspects of your event that you will have to address. Once decided, this number will help you and the catering company plan all other aspects of your event. After having determined the approximate size of the event, the cuisine and menu options can be discussed and narrowed down with your chosen UAE service provider. It is important to communicate the number of people expected to attend, as caterers will often provide menu options based on this factor.


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