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Living in Dubai as an expatriate separates you from your extended family who would ordinarily be part of your support system. Creating a workable support system for you and your children is important. This role is often played by the child-minder, babysitter or nanny, so finding the right person to fit you and your family’s needs is key and critical./p>

Finding a full time or live in nanny to work in Dubai is not difficult. The difficulty is firstly finding the right person, and secondly, the legalities of employing and sponsoring a foreigner to work in the UAE.

Sponsoring a full time nanny in Dubaihas a cost implication attached to it, and requires an application for work visa and the maintenance of that visa going forward. Hiring without the correct documentation can attract hefty fines and could put your residency in Dubai at risk if you are a foreigner working and living in Dubai.

There are a variety of options open to families living in Dubai to choose from which are hassle-free depending on their preference and suitability.

Part time childcare is popular with parents (specifically mothers), who work half day, freelance, study and attend lectures, or who just want the odd day off from parenting. In this case you would use a nanny service in Dubai who would take care of all the employment legalities under their banner. If you are happy with the services of a particular nanny you may be in a position to request her to come on certain specified days every week. This ensures that your children have consistency in their babysitter, and easier for you to secure the same person on a weekly basis. If your hiring is random then you may not always be able to secure the same child-minder if they are booked for another job.

If you childcare requirement is limited to the odd night out or special occasion, then hiring a babysitter or nanny by the hour is the most suitable option available to you. You could expect to pay approximately AED 35 – AED 80 per hour for this service. There is usually a minimum of 3-4 hours engagement which would usually suit most child-minding requirements.

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Child Safety

Child Safety



Changing & Cleaning

Changing & Cleaning

Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation

Sleep Time

Sleep Time

Focus on Safety

A good nanny in Dubai will take care of the safety of your child while the child is in her care. She will make sure that the child is in a safe environment away from harm’s way. She needs to ensure that the child is away from unsafe objects, sharp edges and corners of furniture, away from other foreseen risks. If there are some spaces or areas within the house which need to be child-proofed she should or will bring it to the attention of the parents to have it looked at. Note that a child should always be playing, resting and raised in a safe area.

Focus on Safety
Engagement with Children

Engagement with Children

A nanny should engage in age appropriate activities with your kids. Whether it is reading story books or picture magazines or playing with their toys and interacting and engaging with them. A young child’s attention span is very limited so a good nanny has to be sharp and engaging to keep your child’s interests occupied. A nanny should be a positive role model, gentle and caring and someone who can provide the warmth and love a young child needs and deserves.

Changing & Cleaning Chores

A good babysitter in Dubai will ensure that your baby will have clean nappies on at all times, to avoid general discomfort and nappy rashes. Experienced babysitters are used to checking the nappy of a child regularly and know when a change of nappy is required. As an everyday chore nanny will also assist in giving the child a bath before bed-time to make sure the child is clean after a long day’s play and fun. She will ensure that the right soaps and shampoos are used for giving baths.

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Meal Preparation Image

Meal Preparation

A nanny would be expected to be involved in preparation of prepare meals for the children she is taking care of. She should assist in preparing healthy and nutritional foods which are required for good growth and development for a young child. Most nannies will take instructions from parents on what foods need to be prepared and provided as different cultures may have different preferences. Keep their rooms and toys tidy.

Putting your Child to Sleep

Although young children and babies have lots of energy to bounce around the house, they also get tired easily and need to re-charge their energy resources. They need to take regular naps during the day and a good nanny will help in putting the child to sleep. Whether it is with the help o a warm milk-bottle or a lullaby or by telling a story, expect experienced nannies in Dubai to put you child to sleep so they can get the much needed rest their young bodies require.

Putting your Child to Sleep image
Assist in Laundry Chores Image

Assist in Laundry Chores

A nanny will assist in doing the children’s laundry to make sure that the child has clean clothes to wear. As many of us know young children are like rock-stars they change the most number of outfits in a day. As young children are very messy, they will stain their clothes very easily whilst eating and playing. Typically a young child will go about changing at least 3-4 sets of clothes everyday so the nanny should ensure that their laundry is done regularly to make sure there are sufficient clean clothes to wear.

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