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Whether it is a party, a wedding or a rock concert - amongst the first requirements on the list is a company that can provide good sound and lighting so that the event can be elevated into a true spectacle.

Depending on the specific requirements of your event, many good audio visual companies provide a complete range of sound and lighting solutions in Dubai. Some of them even offer video services which are required for events. These companies will do the following:

• Provide guidance based on the acoustic performance of your venue such as which sound systems are best suited for good performance.

• Suggest different approaches to your sound services and lighting design if you are hosting an outdoor event as opposed to an indoor event to ensure the best result for your event.

• Advise on what type of lighting design to go for if it is an evening or a night event. If you are hosting a social event which includes dancing they might suggest LED Lights in Dubai.

• Even recommend a good MC in Dubai or a DJ in Dubai if you have the need for one.

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Sound Services

Sound Services

Lighting Services

Lighting Services

Visual Services

Visual Services

Rigging & Staging Services

Rigging & Staging Services

Sound Services

The importance of clear and audible sound cannot be stressed enough for the success of an event. Events that include talks or presentations by guest speakers as well as a band or DJ especially require reliable and high quality sound systems so that they can be heard over the audience. If attendees can’t hear what they’ve paid or, chances are your event will be deemed a failure. With so much on the line, one simply cannot compromise when choosing a sound production company.

A good sound company doesn’t just give you a list of impressive-sounding equipment that they will be providing. They should be willing to assign a dedicated sound engineer to you, one who will be your contact before, during and after the event to ensure that your needs are being met. Cabling and trip hazards will be kept safely out of the way; the team assisting you will always be available and be easy to recognize. Ultimately, a good sound company will consistently meet the standards expected of it so that your event and the message it aims to convey can be heard, loud and clear, by every individual that is present.

Sound Services
Lighting Services

Lighting Services

Even the most flawless and well rehearsed performances are nothing without the right kind of lighting in they are presented. No matter what type of event you are hosting or what type of emotions you wish to invoke in your audience, lighting is key to setting a mood. And as we all know, it is the mood and ambiance of an event which makes it memorable.

Make your event memorable by hiring a good event lighting company. A good event lighting company knows exactly how to make your audience feel what you want to make them feel. They know how to focus in on certain aspects and divert attention away from others, depending on your specific requirements. Above all, a good event lighting company knows just how to cater to your theme and your vision for the event, so that even a seemingly ordinary setting becomes one to remember.

Visual Services

The right video equipment is a central part of pulling off any event, big or small. A good audio visual company knows just how to take your vision and add that creative touch needed to turn it into something magical. Choosing the right visual equipment such as projector screens, TV screens and other such displays can be the determining factor in whether you successfully entertain your guests and capture their interest.

“I can’t see” is a phrase you never want your guests to say. A good audio visual company will ensure that everyone at the event will have a clear view of the message. Also, you want to hire an audio visual company with reliable equipment. If your audio visual systems fail, despite whether or not your audience forgives you, you will need to come up with a whole other way of getting your message across and keeping them entertained on the spot. Why take that risk? Selecting a good audio visual company ensures that such scenarios do not take place and that any and all suggestions offered by you are implemented in a sensible, appropriate and memorable way.

Visual Services
Visual Services

Rigging and Staging

Rigging and staging are important aspects of any event, but perhaps even more so for events that take place outdoors. The right sort of platform is important for every event because as such it is the main point of focus for the audience and the scene of all the action. This is where your audience will be paying attention to for a substantial portion of the night and so it is important that it is imaginative and captivating.

A good staging company will ensure that your vision for your stage is translated at the actual venue. They will have experience with it so that it is assembled meticulously and safely. A good staging company understands the importance of practicality, safety and creativity when it comes to building a stage, including the parts of it that cannot be seen by the audience. A good staging company must be able to build a stage anywhere, and do so in the most creative way possible.

If you are hosting an event and need audio visual services, fill out a quote request form or call (04) 421 3777 to get the best audio visual companies in Dubai to contact you for a quote.



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