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If you’re living in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, it is important to be aware of the need to have certain document attested. Attestation, in this context, means official legal confirmation of the validity and authenticity of a document. Certificate attestation in Dubai is usually a simple bureaucratic process but should by no means be overlooked – failure to attest certain documents and certificates can prevent you from working in certain jobs or even lead to problems when applying for or extending you or your family’s visa.

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Marriage Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates

Child & Wife Sponsorship

Child & Wife Sponsorship

Education Degrees

Education Degrees

Translation Services

Translation Services

Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

If you’re married and would like to bring your spouse with you to the UAE, you will need to have your marriage certificate attested before you can sponsor your spouse and bring them into the country. You will not be able to sponsor your wife to legally live in the UAE as a resident without you completing the attestation process for the marriage certificate.

• Marriage certificate attestation in Dubai might take a while: it could be weeks or months, depending on where the wedding has taken place.

• If you are earning less than AED4000, you may not be legally eligible for spousal sponsorship.

• We suggest you prepare a legal translation of your original birth certificate into both Arabic and English before starting the attestation process.

Marriage Certificate

So if your salary is on par, you have an English and Arabic copy of your birth certificate for attestation, and the patience to wait a while, you can get started:

• The first step is to obtain an attested copy of your marriage certificate from your home country. This would generally require attestation by both the Internal Affairs office and the Foreign Affairs Ministry – or your country’s local variation of these.

• Afterwards you would need to have the certificate attested by the local UAE embassy.

• Congratulations, you’re done with local procedures – the next steps are when arriving in the UAE (can be done in Dubai or Abu Dhabi).

• After arriving at the UAE, you would once again need to go through marriage certificate attestation procedures in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), as well as the consulate. If all has gone well – you now have your attested marriage certificate, and can sponsor your significant other’s stay in the UAE.

After the marriage certificate is attested, you can go on to sponsor your spouse by submitting the required documents and following the necessary procedures, which are described below.

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate Attestation in Dubai

You would usually need certificate attestation for your children’s birth certificates in two cases:

1. In order to sponsor your children’s stay and residency in the UAE. This should also be taken care of before your children leave for the UAE.

2. In case your children are born in the UAE, government regulations require you to possess an attested birth certificate.

• For children born outside of the UAE, The process for birth certificate attestation is very similar to the one required for your marriage certificate. You would once again need to go through the same attestation procedures in your home country, then in the UAE.You can save yourself this hassle by using a company that provides attestation services.

• For children born in the UAE, you will receive an Arabic document entitled “notification of birth certificate” from the hospital in which your baby was delivered.

• This certificate must be attested both by the local Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• To do this you will require the parents’ original passports, as well as a copy of their attested marriage certificate, and the hospital papers regarding the child and the mother.

Once you have gone through these procedures, your children will be legally entitled to reside in the UAE or you will be eligible to sponsor your children in case they were born overseas.

Child and Spouse Sponsorship in Dubai

After completing your marriage and birth certificate registration processes, you will still need to go through sponsorship procedures for your spouse and or children for them to receive their residency visa. To sponsor a family member:

• The child or spouse should possess a Medical Certificate indicating they have been given a clean bill of health.

• Sponsor must be earning at least AED 4000.

• To be accepted, application must to be typed at an authorized Immigration Department typing office. You should arrive with all your documents, including: attested birth or marriage certificate, original passports, photographs of the spouse or child, insurance documents, and the sponsor’s attested financial and residency information.

• At the typing office you can pay all fees related to sponsorship (usually an application fee of AED 310 and an additional AED 100 or so per family member).

• After paying the fees and once you have your application form typed you will submit it, along with the rest of your documents, at the GDRFA office. If everything is in order, your sponsored family member should receive their residence visa.

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Education Degrees Attestation Image

Education Degrees Attestation in Dubai

For any kind of higher education you have completed to be officially recognized, your educational certificates will need to be attested.

Why do I need this?

Most expats come to Dubai to find work. If you are interested in specialized work (engineering, medicine, legal, etc.), these generally require both some sort of higher education diploma, as well as a specific work visa. Both your potential employers and the authorities issuing your visa will need an official – meaning attested – copy of your higher education degree.

How is it done?

• The procedure for education certificate attestation, similar to birth and marriage certificates, is done both at your home country and in the UAE.

• You will need to bring a copy of your diploma or other educational degree which has been attested by the educational institution you attended, as well as your local Ministry of Education.

• Once in Dubai: If your country has an embassy at the UAE, you can then get your certificate attested there – other wise you would have to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate, similarly to the procedure for marriage and birth certificate attestation.

Translation Services in Dubai

In most cases, you will require certified or legal translation in Dubai for the following scenarios:

• Documents submitted to authorities for visa or other purposes are often required to be translated into Arabic (for example – birth and marriage certificates submitted for local attestation).

• Legal documents submitted to a court of law in civil or criminal procedures. In this case you may require legal translation, which is readily available at many translation services in Dubai. There are many companies offering legal translation in Abu Dhabi as well.

• For business purposes – when dealing with local or international clients, you may often find it necessary to hire interpretation or translation services in order to ensure proper communication with your clients or employees, who might not be native English speakers.

Translation Services image

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