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If you are in the need for a makeover or a change on your appearance, behavior, your fashion sense and the way you present yourself then it is best to engage the help of a professional and they are usually called personal stylists.


dubai-639302_640Dubai is a glamorous city and everyone wants to make an impact whether it is in social settings or power business meetings. And there is nothing wrong with that. Looking good makes a lasting impression and also makes you feel confident. Regardless of why you need some advice and direction, you can find a very good personal stylist in Dubai who will be willing to help you achieve that power look.


However you before you engage someone feel free to consider the following:


Define your Requirements:

download (11)Always be clear on your needs. Be sure of why you are looking to achieve what you are looking to achieve. Are you looking to dress up for an important social event and need a makeover? Or is it because you have a power lunch with some executives that will make a huge impact on your business or commercial interests. Once you are able to articulate your exact requirements, your personal stylist will be able to execute it better.


Check their Credentials:

credentialsIt is best to engage a personal stylist who has good credentials. Whether it is impressive qualifications from the best design and grooming schools or it is an impressive portfolio of projects and styles they have done and successfully achieved you need to look into this. In addition check if they have worked with some big names or brands and that should give you a good idea.


The Focus should be You:

Focus-On-Your-DreamsRemember that the focus should be you and not them. Although you need to work with someone who is good and experienced- the focus still should be your objectives and what results you want to achieve. The stylist needs to understand what you want, what works for you and most importantly what doesn’t work for you.


Check what Others Have to Say:

banner-ma-due-diligenceDue your due diligence before you hire personal stylist. A good personal stylist in Dubai will have lots of good references, happy clients and be able to provide reviews from real clients who have used him. Check the reviews to get an understanding of how they work – the good, the bad and the ugly.



Work with someone who you can Trust:

Trusted-Reviews-hi-res-logo1You also need to work with someone who you can trust. Follow you instinct. If you feel you aren’t comfortable with your stylist or aren’t completely at ease then they aren’t the one. After all there is a lot of trust put into their efforts and advice and if you feel there is hesitation or some reluctance it means that there may be a comfort issue. Choose someone who you get along with easily.



They should Share the Same View as You:

Social-Media-TeamFinally they need to share the same views as you. They need to be interested in your cause and have a genuine interest to help you out. Your goal should actually become their goal and your success should be equally important to them. Styling is a very personal issue hence their genuine efforts and interests need to be there.


You live only once – if you think it is time for a makeover then go for it!

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