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Whilst Dubai is almost a perfect place for business and commerce; great place to raise families and its well connected to almost most parts of the world – it is no denying that it also experiences one of the harshest summers on the planet. So it’s hard to imagine life without air-conditioning in Dubai and luckily enough most indoor and even some outdoor places are provisioned with good air-conditioning but what happens when you air-conditioning fails? Well it’s literally unbearable and you need to get it repaired and that too as soon as you can. On the contrary it also helps if you are pro-active and provide regular maintenance to your unit to prolong its operation and avoid and failure.

Whether it is your home, office, retail or commercial space you need a good technician who can provide good AC maintenance in Dubai.

An experienced and good air conditioning technician should be skilled at:

  • hvac_guy-2-BKThrough and complete installation of most air-conditioning units.
  • Providing a diagnostic and servicing of the unit
  • Having the ability to identify problems and provide recommendations to resolve it
  • Efficiently maintaining, managing and repairing equipment.

A good technician should be able to perform the following detailed tasks:

  1. reviewReview and check the exact quantity of refrigerant required.
  1. Perform relevant tests on the air-conditioning unit to check for refrigerant leaks using a good leak detector
  1. Carefully and safely dispose of all excess refrigerants which need to be released from the system and ensure that none of it is released into the immediate environment as it could be toxic and unhealthy.


  1. maxresdefaultEnsure that any detected leakages are carefully sealed


  1. Calculate and determine the desired airflow levels throughout the evaporator coil



  1. home-thermostat-250x150Determine and test the required electric supply by adjusting the control sequence


  1. Ensure that the cooling and heating system do not operate at the same time



  1. OFFERED-Household-appliances-Ref-Air-50506-84040-1Examine all electric inputs and outputs for safety


  1. Test and clean and tighten all electrical connections with an application of non-conductive coating as required



  1. 15464Check all the belts, and oil motors to ensure they are tightly sealed and detected any wear and tear


  1. Finally test and review the accuracy of the thermostat readings.


So if you think your air-conditioning unit has been acting up lately or isn’t performing to the levels it should or perhaps you require AC maintenance in Dubai then act now. Get access to quotes from affordable and reputed AC technicians in Dubai now for free.




Greeth is a seasoned E-commerce professional and as Operations Lead at BusinessBid his focus is on optimal and efficient collaboration of services for customers in the UAE. He is responsible for accurate information management when procuring services. A passionate football fan and loves back-packing.

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