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It is no secret that fitness and exercise is the ultimate and biggest investment you can make for yourself. However just having the intent to organise personal training for you is only half the job done. You need to understand the practicality of engaging a personal trainer who can help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

There is a saying that “No one can do miracles for you” and that is very true. Although you have decided to take the plunge you still need to be aware what exactly a personal trainer in Dubai can do for you or cannot do for you.

What A Personal Trainer Can Do For You:
  1. Motivate You:

    1. Be the force behind you
    2. Provide mental strength and emotional support
    3. Avoid you being lazy or drift away
    4. Provide the Focus you require
  2. Create a Tailored Program

    1. Develop an Exercise Routine
    2. Work with you on the established routine
    3. Physically supervise your performance
    4. Monitor the development and progress
  3. Provide Dietary Advice

    1. Review your Diet intake
    2. Analyse impact of your current diet to your body and lifestyle
    3. Provide recommendations to create a Diet Plan
    4.  Monitor the progress and see how the diet plan works for you
  4. Target your goals

    1. Help you assess your goals
    2. Map out practical timelines to achieve these goals
    3. Provide reality check on what can be achieved and what cannot
    4. Make necessary changes to your targets along the way
  5. Give You Homework

    1. Ensure continuity of focus after hours
    2. Help you to  keep committed at non-contact hours

What A Personal Trainer Cannot Do For You:


  1. Provide Instant Results

    1. Cannot guarantee immediate changes
    2. Unable to achieve unrealistic targets or goals
  2. Cannot put the effort on your behalf

    1. Can only provide guidance and support
    2. Unable to physically ensure you are committed
  3. Cannot Change your lifestyle

    1. Unable to monitor you 24 X7 to see if you are doing the right things
    2. Unable to effect changes into recommended eating, sleeping and lifestyle habits
  4. Cure your medical condition

    1. They cannot be your doctor and cure your illness
    2. They cannot simply make things go away

As long as you are willing to put in the effort to your cause and not expect your personal trainer to “magically” make things happen you will definitely be better off.

So if you are ready to make that commitment why not get started and compare quotes on what different trusted and reliable personal trainers in Dubai are offering. by completing this short form.



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