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We all have been at events or important celebrations where we have said to ourselves “Oh I wish, there was a video of that” to capture those beautiful moments which can be reminisced later. Dubai is an active city with diverse cultural and social backgrounds thus acting as a melting pot of events, celebrations and social events.

Although memories are priceless, but sadly they grow fainter unlike videos which can be stored for a long time. Videos can not only be seen again and again, they can be shared or even edited. So what are the aspects which need consideration for a good video production in Dubai?

Credentials & Aptitude: You need to engage a videographer who has the relevant qualifications and credentials to cover your event. A good videographer will have sound capabilities, with proper technical expertise allows someone to resolve and troubleshoot any issues early and provide remedial issues without much impact. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and your event can be no different but if you engage a videographer with professional expertise he will be able to manage your event well.

Personality: Ensure that the videographer you choose has a very friendly and pleasing personality. It is very easy to work with someone who is easy to get along and can be approached with comfort. This way he will get along with all guests, blend in the environment and be attached with the event. He needs to take personal interest in your event to produce a good result.

Flexibility: You need a good video production agency which will go out of their way to make sure event is a huge success. It will work wonders if you can find someone who will be flexible in the services they offer to customize their services to align with your requirements. At the end of the day they need to put the client priorities on top.

Sample Videos: It is always a wise idea to have a look at a few sample videos prior to engaging someone. Make sure you check out some recent examples of events which have been captured and are of similar scale and requirement. Features which you need to pay attention to are overall presentation, creative concepts, picture quality, transitions, audio quality and composition. This way you will be sure that videographer is capable of covering your event with ease and has the had similar experience before.

Video Styles: Every videographer i has their own style of video production, however you need to choose someone who is versatile enough to work with your concept and inspirations and yet be creative enough to drive the whole event and final presentation to an outstanding product. Check out the strengths and preferences of the videographer’s style and work together to develop what is in your mind and heart.

Special Effects: Creative videography is all about the use of style, special effects and the final presentation. See what creativity your video production company is able to offer with the use of special effects for various moments of the events and how the final product will be presented.

Equipment: A good workman is defined by the quality of his tools. A videographer is no different and you need to take interest in your videographer’s equipment. Make sure he is working with most up-to-date equipment and he does have back-up equipment should the primary devices fail. If a videographer has dated technology or a equipment which is not compatible with most modern devices then there could be a potential issue.

Budget & Pricing: Although the event you will be hosting is priceless in the significance it holds, from a realistic perspective you have a budget in mind and you have to stick with that. Speak to your video production agency and discuss what your budget is and what the costs of their services are. Ensure that you discuss all details of costs as you do not want any surprises on event day or thereafter as it might be too late to fix a few things once the event has actually come and gone.

Multiple Quotes: Never settle on the first videographer you interview. Always seek for at least 3 quotes which gives you a better base to compare on quality, pricing, flexibility and styles.

Book Early: Once you have gone through the process of seeking multiple quotes and interviewing different videographers, make sure you finalize and book in the professional you like. Many good videographer’s get booked out early and you don’t want to lose someone because you decided to book late. Usually most videographers will request a 10% or 20% down payment as a booking fee.

Regardless of whether it is a birthday, wedding or social celebration, don’t compromise on the quality of video production in Dubai, for your event, Hire a professional.



Sharon, an Account Manager at BusinessBid is responsible for delivery of services. Her main focus area is to ensure quality services are provided to our customers. Sharon is an avid musician who manages a band and does theatre.

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