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Some of us are dog lovers and some of us our cat-lovers and whilst pets bring us joy, friendship and companionship we must be responsible pet-owners to ensure timely and healthy pet grooming. Often in a busy city like Dubai we can be short for time between our personal and professional lives but pet grooming cannot be over-looked.

If you are a cat owner then you know the attention and effort required to keep your pet healthy and clean – because a happy pet means a happy owner. Here are some simple pet grooming tips to help you to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.

Coat_Care_Cat_Kitten_1015_SW_MZ_LCStart Early: It is always advisable and a good practice in the long run to start grooming your cat at an early age. Nothing beats adaptation and the sooner your kitten gets acquainted with grooming the better for you.  Most professional pet groomers in Dubai will advise that you can start grooming kittens between 8-10 weeks of age.


95489063-cat-deshedding-tools-632x475Have the Right Tools: Always make sure that you have the right tools for grooming cats, especially long-haired cats. You definitely cannot groom all parts of the cat with the same brush. The professional recommendation is to have the following:

  • A wire slicker brush
  • An undercoat brush
  • A fine-toothed comb to go through the undercoat
  • A flea comb for short-furred areas like the head


Ensure you build trust bit by bit: Not all cats get used to grooming Cat-groomingas kittens even though they may have been exposed to it early. So as a pet-owner you need to be able to create a level of comfort for your cat to be able to trust you and this doesn’t come overnight. You may have to have multiple sittings to actually finish one complete grooming session but if that’s what it takes so be it. Eventually your furry friend will trust that you are helping her and may be patient and allow you to groom her without much fuss.


Don’t Groom Around Other Pets: It is a good idea not to groom downloadyour cat in front of other pets, even if they are other cats.  Cats feel vulnerable when they have their bellies up and exposed and might not respond well to you grooming them if there are other pets around. The last thing you want is to stress your cat.



cat-not-wanting-bathKnow When to Stop: Not all cats will have the patience or the liking to sit through the entire grooming session. Your furry friend will give you signs and tell you when she had enough and you will know it. The best thing might be to stop and start at a later time or day. No point in upsetting your pet or forcing them to do an activity when they no longer wish to do it. So when you get those signs – just stop. It’s better than your furry friend hating it for life. Doing the grooming in parts or sections is absolutely fine.


CAT-treats-ChickenProvide a Treat after the Grooming: I’m sure there are many chores and activities we don’t like doing but are forced to do or have to do it. Think of it in that way for your furry friend. Although we are helping them by grooming them, they may not necessarily understand that or care about that. So if your cat has been a good kitty through the grooming process, why not give her a little treat? The next time she might make it a lot easier or even look forward to it.

Sometimes it’s just easier to get your pet grooming in Dubai done by professionals and if that suits your needs why not compare quotes for pet grooming in Dubai to see what’s available.



Salman is a leading authority on business trends in the UAE having successfully run companies in the Automotive and Internet industries. He is currently Founder and Managing Director at BusinessBid, a search portal focused on helping users find service professionals in the UAE. When not writing, his passions are Travel, Technology and Gastronomy.

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