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So you need a babysitter or a nanny and don’t know how to go about it? Well there is no right way or the perfect way to hire nannies in Dubai but chances are you will find the right one by following a few basic steps. Ensure you have done all your pre-checks and qualification processes thoroughly, asked the right questions and involved your children as well.


Tips for Choosing Good Nannies:

 Check her Credentials: 

You need to ensure you engage a babysitter who is a professional and certified to work with children. They need to know all there is to know about managing and care-taking. Also ask for qualifications and applicable credentials which are deemed necessary – certificates for working with children, children supervision.


Consider the References & Reviews:
References458x307One of the wisest things you will do is to ask for references so you can get talk to someone about their personal experience. If you can also check reviews provided by other families or parents who have had experience with them; that would also be beneficial so you get an indication on how they work.



downloadAsk Lots of Questions:
Ensure that you ask the babysitter a lot of questions which are focused on you and your family. Every family has their specific needs and requirements and assess according to that.  Some of the additional questions could include:


  • Why do they work as a babysitter?
  • What age group of children are they most comfortable with?
  • Are they experienced with meal preparations and putting the child to bed?
  • Can they contribute with learning and development activities like singing or dancing?


Check Suitability based on your Children:

Even though it’s your responsibility to choose the right babysitter o-NANNY-facebookfor your child, do not forget to factor your child. Have a think about how they will respond and who they might feel comfortable with? Will they be a positive influence and help them provide a safe and nurturing environment in your absence? Will your child also be comfortable and open up to the babysitter? You need to address and think over these questions.


Get her to spend time with your children:

image001One of the best judges is to get your babysitter to spend some time with her after you interview and see how she interacts with your children. Observe her personality, her general behavior, what she does to approach the children and what she does to make them comfortable. Is she able to connect with your children straight away? Seeing this interaction will give you a first-hand indication and will help you when you make your decision of choosing the right babysitter.


Trust your Instincts:
trustAlways, always trust your instincts. Regardless of what their credentials or resumes or references are, if you within your heart do not feel comfortable or there is an element of doubt then do not engage that babysitter. Even if they are good and are doing the right thing, if you haven’t felt comfortable chances are there is a reason why they haven’t impressed you and there will always trust issues lingering around.


Don’t forget to get their view: 
7366091_blogAlso do not make any assumptions and most importantly do not forget to their view. You need to understand their comfort level, their expectations, what hours they wish to work, what pay they expect and what chores they are willing to do and what they aren’t too comfortable doing.


the-golden-ruleAvoid making a hasty decision: 
Finally the golden rule like most important decisions in life- do not make a hasty decision. You are better off taking your time when appointing or engaging a babysitter rather than hire the wrong one or someone who you or your children do not feel comfortable with. After all you are entrusting your most prized possessions with them.


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