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Dubai is a modern city with a vast richness of cultural diversity owed to the high number of expatriates.  This diversity brings its individual cultural and social celebrations and we all can agree that one of the most common and celebrated events in Dubai are weddings.

Each wedding is unique and different in its own way. Different culturally, socially and traditionally; but there is a fundamental to the success of every wedding which is common.  That is good efficient wedding planning.

Although every wedding has that ever- enthusiastic aunt, cousin or sister who with all good intent and excitement self-proclaims the title of the “wedding planner” but given the complexity, scale and responsibility is that even realistic?

Hiring a good wedding planner in Dubai, ensure you entrust someone professional and experienced t plan and manage almost all aspects of your wedding so that you can actually take a step back and enjoy your life’s most special day.

There are plenty of good wedding planners, but there are some key tips to make sure you hire the best one for your top job:

Work-ExperienceExperienced: Well unlike junior soccer or tennis practice in school, your wedding day only and hopefully comes once in your life. So experience is a must. Choose a wedding planner who has like-to-like experience in the kind of wedding you have in mind.


Things_to_do_476x290Organised: Your wedding planner needs to be organised – both mentally and professionally. You need to engage someone who is a master planner, knows the respective schedules almost on the top of their head and has all details documented to ensure everything goes to plan and without a hitch.


Attention-Grabbing-HeadlinesAttentive: As it easy as it may seem, your wedding planner must be attentive and a good listener. Well it is their job to be honest. They must be able to receive feedback, implement suggestions and ensure the plan is followed. They will need to listen to the bride, groom, the caterer, the florist, the guests – well pretty much whoever is involved in the wedding.


planner_and_bride_fitting_roomPersonality: A good wedding planner must possess and social and welcoming personality. Choose someone who people will listen to and follow and is easy to deal with. You don’t want a wedding planner where vendors are hesitant to approach or are not comfortable dealing with.


solutions_IT_Ghana2Communication: Your wedding planner needs to be extremely good at communicating with vendors and keeping you updated with the progress. It is better to hear more from your wedding planner for feedback and suggestions, rather than not hear from them. Unfortunately the saying “Now news is good news” doesn’t exactly work well here.


Problem-SolvingProblem Solver: As much as like to hope and believe that things don’t or won’t go wrong during weddings, they unfortunately do. But hiring wedding planners who have the ability to resolve problems and provide solutions is the way to go. Choose someone who can think on their feet.


download (9)Time- Management Skills: Efficient wedding planners, have excellent time management skills. You want to choose someone who is not only punctual but someone who stays ahead of schedules, and anticipates challenges and unforseen delays. Someone who plans for contingencies is the one you want to hire.


Business woman juggling tasksMultitask: Planning and executing a wedding is active, dynamic and sometimes can present unpredictable challenges. Whilst choosing your wedding planner hire someone who has the ability to multi-task and someone who seems aware because they will need to ensure there are multiple tasks being taken care at once – from the photographer to the arrival song, to the welcoming of the guests – there is plenty more.


coordination-1Co-ordination Skills: They need to have great co-ordination skills. Timely follow-ups, phone-calls, emails and delivery confirmations have to be taken care of seamlessly.  Coordinating the photographer has arrived; before the florist has made the bridal bouquet delivery and the bride has had her make-up done could be all scheduled within the same hour.


Keynote_SpeakerWork under Pressure: As much as a joyous occasion a wedding can be, behind the scenes it can be often stressful, especially for the wedding planner. You need to hire someone who does not panic or get stressed immediately and is able to handle all situations with a calmly and sensibly.  Sometime things go wrong – but they can always be fixed by someone who can respond to it.



Rachelle is an experienced services professional with expertise in customer service. As Client Services Associate at BusinessBid her passion is to provide excellent customer satisfaction within the services domain. Rachelle likes sport, music and experiencing new things.

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