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Weddings are exciting and memorable events and although all weddings are different, a few things are common across all weddings and that is the use of flowers. Regardless of whether it is an Indian wedding or a Western wedding or an Arabic wedding we all use flowers to display a touch of elegance, grace and beauty. However the end result and outcome always depends on the ability of choosing good wedding florists in Dubai.

Although there is no fool-proof way of choosing good wedding florists, it always helps us to make a better decision when we are well informed and know what to look for. Here are a few tips which will assist you in your decision making:

Experience: Nothing beats experience and when it comes to weddings you want every vendor undertaking your task to be experienced. There are good florists in Dubai but you have to choose someone who is experienced in weddings and personal events. Their experience will provide you with a level of comfort and you can be assured that they will be responsible for delivering the best flowers for your special day.

Commitment: Having a dedicated and enthusiastic wedding florist always helps your event. When you speak to your florist share the vision and ideas you are hoping to achieve and be honest with your expectations. After all it is your wedding day and there is nothing wrong with being passionate about it. You need a florist who gets excited for you and your event and brings an element of passion with him.


Delivery: The worst possible thing which could happen on your wedding, are if the flowers arrive late. Whilst a good wedding florist understands the criticality of meeting deadlines and being on time, you definitely need to be interested about their delivery schedules. Ask your wedding florist if they have their own vans or do they rely on a 3rd party for delivery. What is their overall punctuality and delivery schedule? Where do the flowers come from and where are they stored locally. The last thing you want to stress about is flowers arriving to the venue on time.

Knowledge: A good wedding florist will be knowledgeable enough to make realistic and strong suggestions. What flowers are best suited to which season, what flowers are appropriate for the extreme summers of Dubai are some of the basic recommendations he can make. Do not choose a florist who isn’t experienced as they will not be able to advise arrangements suitable to fit your theme, venue and décor.


Sourcing: Considering the advanced world of technology and information; florists now are able to order and stock flowers from literally all parts of the world. Whilst this is great for customers like us, there are some dependencies which need to be considered. Will the flowers arrive on time? Will they be fresh on delivery? Will it survive the weather of Dubai and what are the costs involved might be some questions to consider.

Costs: Like most items on your wedding list, have a budget for your flowers and florist. Advise your florist about your budget and most good wedding florists in Dubai, will ensure you a good product and solution to meet your budget. Make sure whilst sticking to your budget you do not compromise on quality. It’s better to have fewer flowers which are of better quality than to focus on cheap and nasty.



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