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Dubai is a one the world’s leading commercial city which attracts thousands of job-seekers from around the globe and due to these very reason potential employers requires them to submit attested copies of their educational and professional credentials.

In fact, there are certain positions within the UAE, that the government has made it mandatory for certain documents to be attested and verified officially as well.

Attestation basically is the process of getting specific documentation authenticated by recognized entities and they can include birth or marriage certificates, educational certificates or even previous work experience documents. This is one method of verification that the document in questions is actually genuine via official certification by that organization.

The process of getting documents in Dubai can be tedious if you do it yourself but they are many agencies who can get attestation services in Dubai done efficiently.


How to Choose a Good Service Provider?

Choose someone who has accurate tracking services:

You need to select an agency which has advanced tracking facilities trackingonline so you are updated of all activities and progress points. Tracking facilities ensure that your documents have been submitted, you have an ETA of when it will be available and most importantly if there is an issue.


Select Someone Who Can Deliver on Time:

deliverTimely delivery is key when it comes to attestation services as there are many stakeholders involved. You as the candidate, your potentials employer and the government of UAE who ill be processing all official processes. Delays can cause a lot of impact and in some cases even the employment opportunity.



Choose an agency who is licensed:

approveReliability is key. You need to select a firm who is licensed and accredited to carry out attestation services in Dubai. You do not want to be handing over original copies of your valuable documents to someone who isn’t recognized. You need someone who is dependable and someone who offers high quality of operations.



Select someone who is professional and provides guarantees:

ptWhat happens if your documents are lost or misplaced? That is the last thing you want to face especially when you are away in a foreign location in the middle of a securing a job or residency in Dubai. Accountability and through management of documentation is essential and you should have the comfort levels of dealing with an agency who can offer such guarantees.


Therefore whether you are looking for a job or relocating with your family and you need quality attestation services in Dubai at affordable prices, simply complete the short form below to receive multiple quotes for free.





Greeth is a seasoned E-commerce professional and as Operations Lead at BusinessBid his focus is on optimal and efficient collaboration of services for customers in the UAE. He is responsible for accurate information management when procuring services. A passionate football fan and loves back-packing.

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