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Whilst event planning is usually exciting and thrilling it has its fair shares of challenges and stress which it brings along. When things go smoothly and right, we feel like a sense of euphoria and achievement but when things aren’t going according to plan, situations can get nervous, bad decisions can be made and the entire event can be in jeopardy.

At times like these we would love to have a guide to the perfect event management in Dubai. Well to be honest there is none but below are tips which could help you to be better prepared to host a successful event.

  1. Start Early:

The early bird catches the worm. Get a head-start and begin early. This will allow you more time to actually think and plan through your event and ensure every single detail is captured. Beginning early will make you feel like you are in control and make you feel confident and that’s the kind of start you want for your event planning..

  1. Create an Event Schedule:

Don’t have everything in your head. The best thing about writing something down is that you are not expected to remember it. Create an Event Schedule document but only create one document so it can avoid confusion. This document can be shared and updated by various stakeholders but needs to be managed by the person leading and managing the event.

  1. Delegate Responsibilities:

Let’s face it- you can’t do everything and the golden rule is not to take too much on. So make sure you delegate effectively and assign tasks and activities to your team members. Make them accountable for their outcomes and manage the outcomes to the desired results. You can always separate the non-critical activities and assign them accordingly.

  1. Learn the Art of Negotiating:

When you are managing an event you will have many suppliers and every vendor wants to win business. Remember if you don’t ask you don’t get- so if you want a better price or a free items thrown in as a free-bee, learn to negotiate. Often events run out of budget so its best, to try and negotiate so you can either meet the budget or even beat the budget.

  1. Speak to Multiple Suppliers:

Don’t be naive and just rely on one set of suppliers just because you have used them in the past. You never know by speaking to multiple suppliers you might actually get a better price and service. In the least your current supplier will know that you are shopping and might offer you’re a better deal.

  1. Cheapest Isn’t the Best:

Alas all things in life have a budget and in today’s competitive world where the bottom line so heavily scrutinized it should not comprise the quality of your event. Yes do negotiate for a better price and deal and yes definitely speak to multiple suppliers but remember – cheapest isn’t the best. If it is too good to be true then it is.

  1. Follow-up Regularly:

Successful event management requires you to be persistent and focused on communication. Be on top of your phone-calls, emails and messages. Follow up on your suppliers and vendors in a timely manner and ensure all delivery dates, schedules and timelines are on track and are being met.

  1. Plan to Have a Backup Plan:

Failing to Plan B is Planning to fail Plan A – is the new line. No event in history has been pulled off without something or the other going wrong but successful events are held despite things going wrong. Always be prepared for nasty surprises and ensure you have a back-up in place.

  1. Be Flexible:

From the day you plan your event till event day things will change and you should be prepared to accommodate change and work through it. So you have to remain flexible in your approach and thinking as this is one of key factors for successful event management.

  1. Use Technology:

We are in 2015 and if you aren’t using technology then most likely you are doing things the long and hard way. Get savvy with technology and leverage its benefits. Create online meetings, registrations, confirmations and promotional activities. You can also use social media for promotion and advertising. The options are limitless.

Here’s hoping to a successful event management in Dubai and whilst you are at it- be in control and have fun.



As the marketing lead at BusinessBid, Camille is responsible for driving all digital marketing initiatives. Her mantra is simple - give people what they want and not what you think they want. Camille is a professional dancer and loves event management and fashion.

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