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Dubai is without a doubt a perfect destination for any entrepreneur and investor. They will tell you that more money for your business can never be bad thing. With an influx of visitors coming and staying in Dubai at any one time, the truth of the matter is that there are numerous opportunities for business.

Using a sign to promote your business can bring in great rewards. The whole point of putting out an outdoor sign is for it to be seen and for it to relay the message clearly. You need to create a sign that serves the purpose for which it was created.

Here are some tips which good signage companies in Dubai will advise to help you in creating an effective signboard:

  1. Have a clear Message:

Remember that you only have a couple of seconds to relay your message to pedestrians or people driving by. For this reason, your message has to be short and concise. Read your message again and remove words that don’t add any value to it. The message should mainly focus on your business and what it has to offer.

  1. Choose the right Location:

An effective sign should be easy to see and read from afar. The typeface on it should be large and legible. Where you place your sign will determine whether or not people will see and read your message. It’s therefore paramount that you place it at the right location. This has got to be an area where there are zero obstructions. It should always be placed in plain sight that way everyone can see it without having to make any effort.

Some questions you need to ask are:
a. Will the signboard be displayed as a billboard? Meaning will it have a high vantage point?
b. Will it be mounted at ground level – for example on a door or window or a bus stop?
c. Will the signage be advertised on a moving vehicle?

  1. Grab your readers Attention:

This is something that you should have already addressed during the planning of the message. Apart from the message, there are other things that can improve the chances of your sign being seen. Things like using the right color, a specific type of print, or formulating an eye-catching headline. Here’s a useful tip: words that are written in both lower and uppercase are more readable than those written in uppercase alone.

  1. Make use of White Space:

White space describes the area on the screen or page that is not littered with graphics or text. Also the spaces between columns, side bars or images. White space can also be placed between letters and words (kerning) or lines of texts. This space is so important because it improves readability. Remember the small time frame within which you have to capture the attention of the reader. Depending on the nature of your business you can use graphics. That said, using a lot of graphics can draw the reader’s attention away from the MAIN message so be careful how you use them. In addition to white space, place your sign away from any distraction. This way you force most of the focus to be on the message on your sign.

When all is said and done what you need to remember is that you have a window of less than five seconds to deliver your message in such a way that the reader will want to react to it immediately.

If you are a business owner or have a signage or signboard requirement, engage a professional to get you the perfect results.'


Sam is the Executive Director at BusinessBid; a successful technology and business services manager having held successful leadership positions with global organizations. Sam believes finding an experienced service provider shouldn't be a challenge but an easy process and seamless process. Sam loves traveling and is a poker shark.

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