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Dubai is a melting pot of many cultures that have sought to keep a balance between modernity and tradition and it is important for any host planning to bring people together to find the right catering company. Catering is essentially the business activity of supplying food and other related services at a specified location. Most of the food in Dubai and the UAE is largely Arabic and Indian cuisine based but that’s not to say there is not much to choose from. You can find Lebanese, Iranian and African styles and influences in many dishes.

The secret to choosing the right catering service in Dubai is knowing what to look for.

Here are some tips to help you in making your choice.

1. Find Out How Accessible They Are

Showing up is what really matters when all is said and done. It’s for this reason that you should really ascertain how accessible your caterer is. A good caterer is one who delivers their services when and where they are supposed to. There should be no excuse whatsoever when it comes to delivery of services. On your part, you need to make sure that you research on how bookings and payments are done. Also get a clear outline of what amount you will be required to pay and what that amount will cover. You can only get this kind of detailed information by scheduling meetings prior to event day. It is also important that you physically visit the venue where you will be hosting the event. Some venues have their selected choice of caterers and suppliers who they deem dependable.

2. Look Into Food Matters

When choosing your caterer, always go through what food, snacks and drinks they offer. Meals are often accompanied with pitas or breads and salads. These accompaniments tend to be unlimited and are therefore offered for free. Always ask what types of local cuisine will be on the menu. Typical meals that you can expect to see are mezze also known as appetizers or little dishes, falafel which is a mix of different spices and chicken peas that’s often served as a side dish, fish, fresh or dried dates and Umm Ali which is sweat bread based pudding that can be served with ice cream. It’s not just about the food though. Find out if they have personnel at hand to help with the preparation and service of the food come the day of the event. A great caterer is one that is able to deliver all these services all under one roof.

3. Get an Affordable Caterer

Failing to plan is setting yourself up for a disaster. For this reason, it is important to get all the information about the costing of hiring the services of a caterer. A good catering service will usually offer their clients different packages to suit different needs. In such a case, always choose a package that is closely matched to what you are looking for. Pay special attention to what is included and excluded in the packages. Think about the things that cannot be compromised on such as linen or tables and find out whether they are included in the package or if you would have to budget for them on their own. Knowing all these costs is important as it will help you choose the caterer you can afford and that way you can get quality service and still be within your budget.

4. Choose a Self Driven Caterer

Always settle for a caterer who injects their own unique style and ideas to make your vision grandeur than it already is. Dubai is often associated with opulence, style and class and if your caterer should have the know-how and capability to add sophistication to your event.

5. Choose a Caterer That Offers a Little Extra

This can be in the form of a food tasting experience before event day. This opportunity allows you to sample the foods, snacks and drinks that will be offered on the material day of the event. This experience can help you greatly in adding or taking away from the initial menu discussed.

6. Choose a Caterer Who is Interested in Your Event

The caterer you choose should share the vision you have for your event. They should want to bring out exactly what you have in mind. The reputation of a great catering company often super-cedes itself and you should always do a little bit of research on your prospective caterers before you put pen to paper.

The final caterer that you settle for should work with your ideas and help bring them to life. They should be able to do this while still maintaining professionalism and at the same time offer top quality service. They should also be accessible at all times and have superior customer service to match.

When all is said and done, the success of your event is closely tied to having the right caterer. There simply is no two way about this. If you want to make a lasting impression, you have to choose the best.



Salman is a leading authority on business trends in the UAE having successfully run companies in the Automotive and Internet industries. He is currently Founder and Managing Director at BusinessBid, a search portal focused on helping users find service professionals in the UAE. When not writing, his passions are Travel, Technology and Gastronomy.

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