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If your carpets are exposed to heavy foot traffic, young children, and pets it is very likely that you will need consistent carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning in Dubai can be done by a professional company and before you make this decision understand the options are available to you.

Options to Consider

images (16)Wet carpet cleaning or steam cleaning is the accepted norm in carpet cleaning but technological advancements now gives the option of dry carpet cleaning. Both wet and dry carpet cleaning have their pros and cons.

Most good carpet companies should send a company representative to assess what is needed for your particular carpet, and quote accordingly. They should look at whether the dye on the carpet is adequately fixed, or are the colours likely to run, specifically if choose steam cleaning. Possible shrinkage of the carpets should be considered. Stubborn stains should be treated prior to the carpets being shampooed.

As there are benefits to both wet and dry carpet cleaning, it would be great to find companies that have both as options for their clients.

Check with your carpet company what system they use, and question the toxicity of the products, particularly if you have a baby, small children or animals in your home.

Wet Carpet or Steam Cleaning

  • carpet_clean_rd_520wThe carpets are cleaned with a combination of shampoo and water. As much of the excess water as possible is sucked back out of the carpet.
  • Carpets take up to 24 hours to dry and that particular room cannot be used during this drying time. This is very inconvenient if it is a communal walk through area or a passageway.
  • The machinery is noisy, and water consumption is high. In a dry area of the world such as the UAE, this is a valid concern.
  • Wet carpet cleaning can take long to dry, and that dirt sometimes re surfaced after drying.


Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • dryfoam-300x225Although the room should be cleared of all furniture, many carpet cleaning companies are able to work around the furniture and move as needed. As this is a dry carpet cleaning system, the risk to getting wooden furniture wet is not a concern.
  • The dry carpet cleaning is not totally dry, but has a very low moisture content allowing the carpet to dry within 30 minutes of cleaning.
  • This process if often repeated twice.
  • Most dry carpet cleaning shampoos are eco-friendly and bio degradable.
  • The carpet cleaning machine used is fairly quiet.
  • Shampoo powder residue can still be found at the base of the pile of your carpet.


General Tips

  • Weekly-Tips-ImageThe room that is going to be cleaned needs to be cleared of all furniture.
  • All pets and small children kept away from the area that is being cleaned.
  • It is advisable to close windows, so no dust and dirt blows into the room whilst cleaning.
  • The room should be thoroughly vacuumed to get initial dirt out of the carpet


Additional Care

  • cleaning-carpetsRemove all valuables and fragile items prior to the carpet cleaning company arriving.
  • Get a proper quote prior to cleaning starting.
  • Photograph your carpets before cleaning, and after they have been cleaned and dried. Should there be a dispute, you have some photographic references.
  • Most carpet cleaners in Dubai will also offer mattress cleaning, rug cleaning, sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning.




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