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“Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.” Duane Hanson.

If you have an inner passion for art and drawing then you should not let that passion die within you. As a creative individual you need to find an avenue to let that desire be transformed. You need to ensure that if you decide to enroll for art classes in Dubai, you put some thought on choosing the right one for you and what exactly are you looking to pursue as there are plenty of opportunities available to learn and experience your creativity.

Choosing a creative outlet

  • Know what is available. Do your research.
  • Choose an art class in Dubai that is close to your work or home and easy to get to.
  • Find a class that is skill appropriate. Check this with the art instructor.

There is a lot on offer; here are some of the basic options up for consideration. 


  • PaintingPR4Watercolors are a popular way to start painting. They are inexpensive to buy and you can get away with a fairly inexpensive brush. It is not an easy medium to perfect, but accessible.
  • Acrylics are often seen as the ‘poor mans’ oils. Acrylic paint behaves in a similar way to oil paints, but dry quicker, are water and much cheaper than buying oils. Acrylics are a good way to start you painting and achieving that rich color that watercolors do not achieve.


beadingThe age old tradition of beading. A fun way to spend your time, and jewelry beading leaves you with some bespoke fashion accessories. Beading does not require huge levels of skill to be able to create a reasonable looking product.


Pottery& Ceramics

1353905751957If you like getting your hands dirty and really feel your creation coming to life, then pottery and ceramics is a great way of doing this. Not an easy skill to master, and like oil painting, is not for those wanting instant gratification. Creating a finished piece of pottery takes time.

Mosaic and Crafts

social-emotional-learning-day-care-programMosaic is one of the many crafts offered, and seems to be a popular crafting choice. Learn the skill of tile nipping, laying out your pieces, different gluing techniques, the art of grouting, and polishing and cleaning your mosaic to end product. Create something fun, and fit for display in your home, in a reasonably short amount of time.

Getting kitted

Tart kithere is almost no artistic outlet that does not require you purchasing some of the kit needed. Sometimes the upfront investment can be quite steep, but in most cases with some careful thought and research, you can avoid sitting with a large toolbox of expensive art equipment going to waste.


Keep the following in mind when embarking on your first creative retail shop.

  • checklist_2Chat to your art teacher about what are the basics needed for starting your craft.
  • Chat to some of the people that have been practicing this artistic discipline for a while, and ask them what their non-negotiable basics are in their kit.
  • Build up your kit over time, as you settle into the artistic discipline of your choice, and understand better what you specifically like and need.
  • Always keep your art equipment neatly stored in a tool box or carrier that protects your tools, and allows you easy access to them while working.


  • Art is a discipline, and part of that discipline is keeping your toolbox neat and your tools clean and in good working order.

Embarking on creative project stimulates different part of the brain, is fun, an effective way of processing emotion and it is relaxing.

So if you are looking to take art classes in Dubai, why not get started by getting competitive free quotes from inspiring art teachers in Dubai.



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