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Those of us that are fortunate enough to call Dubai our home get to experience a prolonged summer season.  While we all appreciate this beautiful city we live in, we can’t deny that there are some pesky little problems with having such a long period of summertime. That’s right, pests. Summer isn’t just our favorite time of the year; it is also enjoyed by our not-so-favorite creepy-crawlies.  But don’t worry – I’ve come up with a list of insider tips and tricks that tells you all you need to know in order to keep our little unwelcome guests from attending your summer extravaganza.

  1. Silhouette-of-woman-showing-stop-gesture-copy-e1410307104392The Best Defense Is A Good Offense: This holds true in more than one context. For instance, our skin provides an external barrier that prevents entry of pathogens into our body. In the same way, we must ensure that the mechanical barriers to our homes our kept intact by sealing any cracks – be it in door frames, window frames or roof joints. Likewise, make sure any cracked pipes or ducts are sealed shut.


  1. miveDu2Don’t Let Them Reap The Fruits Of Your Labor: Personally, I love having fruits in my kitchen. They add a decorative feel when done right, and act as convenient, guilt-free snacks. However, the natural sugars in fruits are enticing not just for those of us who like to grab a sweet bite but also for ants and flies. To prevent them from capitalizing on your sweet tooth, simply store your fruits in the refrigerator.


  1. 168sIn The End, It All Comes Down To The Little Things: That’s right. I’m talking about the little candy wrapper that fell under your bed at night and you thought, “oh but I’m so comfortable, I’ll get it tomorrow”. As dramatic as it sounds, that tiny candy wrapper could provide these pests with the keys to your castle. So the next time you spill something on your floor, leave trash lying around the house or in the crevices of your desk, do make sure to swipe it up right away


  1. dirty-dishesDon’t Let Your Sink Be The Reason You Sink: Dirty dishes provide the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of pest. Really, for those tiny little buggers, the little morsels you left on your plate at dinner last night are the equivalent of winning the lottery. To guarantee prevention, wash your dishes every night and keep your sink clean. However, we’re all human and if it’s one of those days you just can’t stand to do those dishes, then fill up your sink with water and soap until you get to it the next day.


  1. is-laminate-flooring-waterproofWater you talkin’ about? Allow me to explain. When it comes to pests and rodents of any kind, moisture is the ultimate enemy. Moist conditions provide the ultimate breeding ground that can allow these rodents to multiply at a very fast rate and even cause a full blown infestation. Therefore, just make sure that you clean up any splashes at the earliest and keep all the rooms in your house dry.


As the marketing lead at BusinessBid, Camille is responsible for driving all digital marketing initiatives. Her mantra is simple - give people what they want and not what you think they want. Camille is a professional dancer and loves event management and fashion.

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