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Many of us seem to be confused when it comes to the preparation of pest control in Dubai. Most experienced pest control companies in Dubai will tell you exactly what needs to be done before and after a treatment has been done.

Also it depends on what exactly is being done. For example if it is an inspection or a termite treatment then there is minimal preparing required by the house occupant, however if there is a chemical treatment for cockroaches or bed bugs then there are a few measures which need to be followed .

Before the Treatment:

  • furniture-coveredKitchen Area: Clear all items from your kitchen counters including plates, cups and utensils. The insides of the cabinets are where pests like to hide so these areas may be sprayed with chemicals there and these might be dangerous so make sure your kitchen items are not exposed to this. Put away all food items as well.
  • Easy Access: Make sure all the wall areas, corners and under the staircase areas are not obstructed by large pieces of furniture providing easy access to apply the required treatment along the skirting and bases of the walls.
  • Furniture: It is also advisable to either store away pieces of furniture or cover them with plastic rolls so they are not exposed to any treatments.


  • download (13)Pets: It is advisable to get your pets treated for fleas before the treatment. If you have open fish tanks its best to cover the tanks.
  • Children: Make sure all your children clothing, bedding and toys are covered and packed away from the treatment area.


If possible during the treatment see if you can leave area with your pets and children for a period of at least 4-6 hours. Sometimes just being away whilst the treatment is being done provides mental comfort – the last thing you want is to get your children or pets sick.

After the Treatment:

  • 6a010534c75d2a970c017d3e810d64970cAlways keep your garden and outdoors area clean, free of rubbish and debris. Make sure your drainages are free from blockages and clogging.
  • Make sure your garage and store-rooms are clean and free from rubbish and unwanted clutter.
  • Attend to any plumbing matters to fix leakages to avoid moisture around the house.
  • Check for any signs of any pests or bugs re-appearing. If you see such activity call your pest control services immediately as some pests have the ability to re-appear.

All the above measures will minimise the hiding places for many pests and deter them from re-appearing again.

If you have seen signs of pests in your home or garden do not wait any longer. These signs include droppings, noises, damage and can cause more damage if left unattended.



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