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Like most noble devices in our homes and workplaces which add so much convenience to our everyday lives, the air-conditioning; especially in climates like the Middle East signify as one of the most critical ones.  When they work properly they add high value but when they fail to operate, it makes an immediate impact. Therefore when your AC stops working it is critical to find a skilled technician for your AC repair in Dubai.

But how do you choose the right one? Well here are a few tips which will help you make an informed decision:

Ask for Experience:

licensed 1Regardless of what the issue is, for the longevity of your AC unit and to ensure you get the problem fixed, it makes sense to get an experienced technician than a rookie. Ask them relevant questions to get a better idea:

  • Are they actually AC technicians or are they general handymen?
  • For how many years have they been operating in Dubai?
  • Do they specific expertise with the model and brand of the AC unit in question?
  • Are they licensed and certified?


Check Reviews:

reviewAlthough every technician is going to claim that he is good and has a lot of happy customers – it is best to check for references and independent reviews before you choose a technician. Most people will share their experiences good or bad and reviews are quite indicative of the quality of the technician. Check out some of the most recent reviews here.


Do a Little Research:

researchIt always pays to be a bit smart. You don’t want your technician to be talking French (unless of course you are French) to you right? Fair enough you don’t have to understand the complete technicalities but if you do some research and understand model, brand, most common failures and its performance or maintenance history- it will be a much smarter conversation to have with your technician when he arrives onsite to diagnose the issue.


Compare Multiple Companies:

dare_to_compareNever settle for the first quote or technician you talk to. Get at least 3 quotes from various companies who do AC repair in Dubai so you can compare apples for apples. Compare the overall quote for pricing, what they will offer and what their workaround plan is.


Ask About Efficiency & Performance:

performanceAsk your technician on general maintenance and service tips. How to increase efficiency and how to maintain the health of the AC unit better? A smart technician who is aware of the AC mechanics will be able to provide some recommendations and suggestions and this will indicate his knowledge.


Get a Written Guarantee:

guaranteeFinally, choose someone who will be actually be able to provide a written guarantee on the works performed. In Dubai there are plenty of technicians who will fix the job and will be reluctant to give anything in writing. If you are spending money to get a service call or a repair job – get what was done in writing. This will show a level of commitment and professionalism from your AC technician.


Do your basic homework and be smart about who you engage.


If you have an AC repair in Dubai which needs to be scheduled get free and multiple quotes from experienced and affordable AC technicians right here who have been pre-screened.'


Sam is the Executive Director at BusinessBid; a successful technology and business services manager having held successful leadership positions with global organizations. Sam believes finding an experienced service provider shouldn't be a challenge but an easy process and seamless process. Sam loves traveling and is a poker shark.

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