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It is conclusive that if your event requires audio visual services then it is a fairly important event and you cannot afford to compromise or not plan your sound and lighting needs. Audio Visual services form just one part of your event but they are a critical ingredient of your event so choose a good audio visual company in Dubai, who will provide you with the best services.

Picking the wrong AV supplier could lead to you either compromising the success of your event or comprising with the quality of the event – a scenario no one enjoys. Here are some key features will indicate that the audio visual supplier you are choosing is of high quality:

Experience and Expertise

Select an audio visual company with proven experience and a high level of expertise. There are many companies who just provide AV rentals but choose someone who deliver a solution and meet your sound and lighting requirements for your event. You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know what audio visual services to propose depending on the size or scale of the venue or the number of attendees. You want someone who has seen it all and done it all before when it comes to AV solutions.

Independent Suppliers

It is always best to get AV providers who are independent and have no partnership with the venue you have chosen. Although many venues mat offer AV equipment as part of the venue; the costs may be actually inflated or you may not receive a high quality of service or support. You are better souring an independent AV company and it is best practice to at least get 3 quotes.

Understands Acoustic Performance:

A good sound & lighting company will visit your venue out and only then be comfortable in recommending sound and lighting equipment. Understanding the acoustic performance of the venue is critical when it comes to effective output, especially if your event will have people speaking or any performance of sorts.

Excellent Support

You want to choose an audio visual company in Dubai which offers excellent support on your event days. On of the most embarrassing things is for any of the audio visual services to malfunction during your event. Whether it is a technical issue or issue with the set-up you need someone with a high level of expertise who can resolve the glitch immediately with minimal impact.

References & Reviews

Ask your AV supplier to provide you with references of past customers who can give you an idea of their quality and service and how they operate. In addition to this check their reviews to see if they have good feedback, as customer usually tend to talk about their personal experiences, especially if they have been unhappy.

Adheres to Budget

Once you have a clear brief on what audio and visual services you require, many AV providers will customize a solution and propose items which you need. You need to advise them of your budget and tell them to provide equipment and support staff to meet your budget and a good audio visual company will definitely do that.

Reliable & Punctual

Regardless of how good the AV provider is, they are of no value if they aren’t reliable and punctual. They should arrive at your event venue much before the scheduled start-time to set-up and test the AV services. They should have a detailed checklist and ensure that all of your event sound and lighting requirements are met to your expectations.

The above checklist should give you an additional insight whilst selecting a good audio visual company in Dubai for your next event. Usually the best results are always achieved reliably by experts.



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