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We all have heard the saying “Safety First” and it is so relevant for a city like Dubai, with its busy construction and urban development.  Dubai as a leading global city with its impressive transformation has a responsibility for safety and it starts with all of us. Safety signs in Dubai are used at construction sites, for pedestrians and for drivers and motorists. Well we need to maintain safety everywhere basically – where we work, where we live, where we socialise and everywhere in between.

Since a picture says a thousand words, a well-designed safety sign can prevent accidents. When it comes to safety signs in Dubai you can find many reliable companies which can help you with your requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you are part of a large corporation or a small office, safety signs need to be effective, ensuring the right instructions are displayed and are easy to understand. Read the tips below on what you need to know:

  • Quality: Make sure the printed message whether on labels, billboards or placards are easy to read and are of high quality. Ensure they do not fade do to sunlight exposure or are too glaring for the eyes.


  • Avoid Confusion: Ensure that the instruction or message is clear and leaves no room for confusion. For example f it is a “STOP” sign it should suggest people to stop and not second guess.


  • Fonts: You have to be careful what size and type of font you use. Anything to bog or small may be ignored or go unnoticed. Whatever you decide to use has to be readable from appropriate distances.


  • Be Clear & Concise: Your messaging should be articulate with precise instructions so it is easily understood.  Wherever possible leave an contact number such as the police or emergency services.


  • Condition of Signage: The signage which is installed should be of good quality and free from scratches, tears, burns and sharp edges.


  • Number of signs:  Try to avoid too many signs as this will only confuse people. Try not to put up signs unnecessarily as sometimes this might create a sense of panic amongst people.


  • Standard Colours: Choose colours which are standard, appropriate and approved so people recognize and identify these are safety signs and do not ignore them thinking they are advertisement signboards.


  • Location. Always place your safety signs visible to people.


Finally once the safety signs have been installed ensure if the signage is appropriate for the hazard and if the people understand it.

Don’t second-guess when it comes to safety and let a professional handle it.




Greeth is a seasoned E-commerce professional and as Operations Lead at BusinessBid his focus is on optimal and efficient collaboration of services for customers in the UAE. He is responsible for accurate information management when procuring services. A passionate football fan and loves back-packing.

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