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Well congratulations! The reason you are reading his article is that either you are getting married or know someone who is about to get married or are simply curious to know about wedding planning.

Weddings are exciting, joyous and memorable events but at the same time they can be unnerving, stressful and overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is be burdened by the responsibilities of your wedding and not actually enjoy your life’s biggest event.

And given the time and responsibility constraints you have also decided to engage a wedding planner in Dubai – which is the first wise decision you have made. Considering you wouldn’t want your wedding to be a standard affair, you must ask your wedding planner all the non-standard questions to ask right? Because let’s face it everyone expects to be asked the standard questions and we all know those responses can be prepared.

Well here are some of the questions that you need to ask your wedding planner in Dubai.

  1. Can you provide contactable References? A good wedding planner should be able to provide references of previous clients rather immediately. Every professional takes pride in their work and especially no one is shy about any positive recommendations.


  1. Do you have customer Reviews published online? In the advent of the web world, a good wedding planner should have customer reviews available online for you to get an idea. Check reviews for wedding planners right here from recent customers.


  1. Is this your main Profession or you are actually doing this part-time to earn some extra cash? You want to make sure you choose a wedding planner whose main professional is wedding planning. Someone who earns their bread and butter through a particular trade is usually good at it. You don’t want someone who is doing this to make a few quick Dirhams and really doesn’t have the expertise or passion for it.


  1. Do you Specialize in Wedding? Choose a wedding planner in Dubai who is specialized in weddings and not just all events. A wedding is a special, personal and very intimate event and needs someone who can not only have a professional commitment towards it but also a personal attachment in its success. You don’t want a Jack-of-All Trades.


  1. Do you have sufficient Knowledge about this type of wedding? : You need to hire a wedding planner who understands your expectations and the cultural and social aspects. Regardless of whether is an Indian wedding or a Western wedding or whether you have a particular theme in mind your wedding planner should be knowledgeable enough to pull off the event in style.


  1. Are you used to working on a fixed Budget? A good wedding planner in Dubai knows how to work on a budget and yet deliver a near-perfect wedding. Choose someone who is comfortable working within your budget and they aren’t just agreeing to get the job initially and then surprise you later by breaking the budget.


  1. What is your Schedule for the month of the Wedding? : You need to find out how many weddings your wedding planner is organizing in the same month. Is he or she over-stretched and will this cause a lack of attention and detail? Something you need to consider also is their time and availability.


  1. Are you comfortable signing a Contract? Make sure you have a written agreement with your wedding planner which details out all responsibilities and expectations. If unfortunately things were to go wrong or if there is a difference of opinion – this will help you. Remember no surprise is good here!


  1. Do you have any Vendor Tie Ups? Providing references and recommendations of certain vendors they have worked previously is a good thing, you need to make sure they don’t have their own private or side “deals” with any vendor. In that case regardless of the quality of the vendor, they will recommend such vendors for financial gains. If you have the time always compare quotes for all the services you require for your wedding. This will help you manage the budget and keep your wedding planner on their toes.


Hopefully this article has given you an additional perspective whilst selecting your wedding planner in Dubai. Remember the best outcomes are always achieved consistently by experts.



Sharon, an Account Manager at BusinessBid is responsible for delivery of services. Her main focus area is to ensure quality services are provided to our customers. Sharon is an avid musician who manages a band and does theatre.

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