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Your business or organisation is hosting an event and now require the services of event management companies in Dubai? You think you know the right questions to ask and qualify them but unless you are have experience in event planning most companies will know that the questions which will be asked of them will revolve around pricing, portfolios, references and they are well equipped to answer that.

Here are 9 questions which event management companies don’t expect you to ask and that is exactly the reason why you should ask them.

  1. What is your expertise in events? 

Like specialists in ever fields not everyone is an expert in everything. So determine what the expertise of the particular event management company and check if they are most suited to manage and deliver your event.

  1. Do you have a Portfolio I can view?

Good event management companies in Dubai should have an updated and relevant portfolio available for review. These folios should include recent project which have been locally and also come with client references who can be contacted to validate any questions or concerns.

  1. What are the services you offer?

Top event management companies will have a suite of services which will add value to your event. These include assistance to find a venue, organize all infrastructure and audio visual services, organize catering, transportation, accommodation, resource management and staffing and attendee registration process as well.

  1. What’s included in the schedule of fees?

Ask your event planner to detail out what’s included in their fees. Are all discussed services covered or is there any exclusion? Will the exclusions have an impact to the budget or pricing?  Make sure everything is in black and white and more detailed the discussion on the contract and schedule of services and fees is, the less surprises everyone will face.

  1. What is your experience in adhering to budgets?

Is the event company used to working with different budgets? Can they deliver a high quality event with a modest budget and can they create a customized plan to meet your requirements? They need to demonstrate this capability.

  1. How are you different from your competitors?

Good event management companies in Dubai will have a very strong and unique value proposition – whether it is competitive pricing, money-back guarantees, free services through partner vendors, experienced staff or an iconic brand. As them what makes them different and what will help them win your business.

  1. How well do you manage communications?

A key feature of a good event management company is the way they handle and manage their communications. Are they consistent in timely updates? Do they send regular emails? Conduct required meetings? Do they have progress plans for all activities?

  1. Who will be the event manager?

Good event management companies will allocate a good and experienced event manager who should be your primary point of contact, as you will not want to be dealing with multiple people. Your event manager should keep you updated on all progress and should be accountable for all communications.

  1. What Kind of staff will be available for the event?

Event companies usually will have their own internal staff and at times hire contract based staffing or outsource the entire staffing. Depending on your event requirement you need to enquire what suits your requirements. Do you need experienced staff in different areas for your event?



As the marketing lead at BusinessBid, Camille is responsible for driving all digital marketing initiatives. Her mantra is simple - give people what they want and not what you think they want. Camille is a professional dancer and loves event management and fashion.

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