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Is artificial grass in Dubai a good option for your lawns?

Many homeowners often get confused whilst deciding which is the best form of turf for their lawns and gardens-real grass or synthetic grass.  Honestly speaking it all comes down to a personal preference but it is always best to make an informed decision knowing all the facts. Below is an informative comparison of both the advantages and disadvantages so you can decide for yourself if it is what you want for your garden.


  Pros Cons
Appearance It provides a green lawn look all year-round With improved technology now you can find turf which look like real grass. Although it has the tendency to look like real grass it still is a plastic or a rubber carpet and does not have the feel, smell or natural integration of natural turf.
Maintenance One of the main advantages is that it requires no water, nutrients, fertilisation and mowing. Although it requires no maintenance it can still have the wear and tear effects and care must be taken if it is accessed regularly.
Cleaning Requires no planting or re-planting. Very minimal natural cleaning required. Fallen leaves and debris still need to cleaned from the surface. Other cleaning will have to done caused due to animal droppings, food & beverages and general litter. This can be done with a disinfectant or stain removal products.
Water Supply Does not require watering or irrigation. Drainage systems can be included for bigger areas for capturing rain-water or recycling. Some amount of minimal water is still required for cleaning, cooling and basic maintenance requirements
Pesticides Minimal risk of bacterial, fungi and pest attacks so no pesticides required. None
Environment Water conservation, No pesticides and no mowing all benefit the environment greatly. A petro-chemical product and can generate amounts of carbon emissions from manufacturing and production. The installation uses chemicals, and adhesives which add to the carbon footprint. Can also damage soil and does not offer any organic bio-diversity and after the 7-10 year life span can end up in a landfill with no recycling and biodegrading options.
Costs The cost of buying and installing will depend on the quality of the product purchased. Some of these can be even self-installed. Overall this can be a cost-effective solution considering there will be savings on water, manure, nutrients, pesticides, maintenance and cleaning. Also this can last for 7-10 years if properly maintained The initial costs of purchasing, materials for installing and professional installation can be high. If certain parts of the turf are damaged, there can be costs to repair or replace them.'


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