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cell-phone-evolutionWhen cell phones first became commercially available, they were rectangular, brick-like devices that could withstand being dropped from a considerable height in most cases. Modern cell phone technology, however, with its large touch screens and advanced components, makes it far easier to damage your mobile phone.


In the UAE, luckily, there are many independent repair companies that can be hired to repair a faulty or cracked screen, or to diagnose and repair other functionality problems such as non-functional keypads or non-user-replaceable batteries.

Since buying a new iPhone or smart phone costs upwards of AED 2599, it is cheaper to look into phone repair in Dubai than to buy a new replacement, in most cases.

When sending in your smart phones to be repaired, it is essential that you use a repair service that is trustworthy and has a good reputation. If you currently have a non-operational or semi-functional phone that you need to have fixed, this guide to choosing a mobile phone repair service will help you choose a business that should be able to return your phone to a fully working state.

Choosing an iPhone Repair Service in Dubai

iphone-screen-repairBecause Dubai is one of the major business hubs of the Middle East, countless people in the city rely on their mobile phones for professional communication. This means that there are multiple phone repair service providers vying for the business of phone users whose devices are faulty. Even though there are multiple professional repair services, if you need iPhone repair in Dubai, there are several things to remember when choosing a business.

Does the repair service fix your particular model? With so many iPhone models having been released onto the international market by Apple in recent years, you will need to find a business that has the necessary parts for your model if it is not the latest.

An iPhone repair not performed by Apple will void your phone’s warranty, but some repair services provide their own limited warranties on all successful repairs, so find a business that does offer some form of guarantee your device will work for more than a day when it is returned to you. It is also important to choose a business that performs rigorous testing on all serviced devices, to make sure that they are in full working order.

When contacting a repair service, ask for an approximation for how long repairs will take – while it can take a week or longer for the authorized Apple repair centers to fix broken devices, some independent repair experts offer repairs in under a week (and even same-day fixes for certain problems).

Choosing a Business to Repair your Blackberry or Samsung

Because iPhone’s are among-st the most popular mobile phones, finding a repair service in Dubai is considerably easier than finding one for other brands. Even so, there are companies that perform repairs on makes such as Samsung and Blackberry in Dubai.samsung_galaxy_s5_teardown_ifixit A repair service that fixes older models such as the Blackberry Storm, Pearl or Curve and keeps spare parts in stock will reduce the waiting period you would probably have to endure if you were to send your phone to one of the official repair centers (many of which only keep parts for the most recent models in stock).

A repair service that fixes Blackberry mobile phones in Dubai should be able to provide unlocking, software upgrades and downgrades, help with errors 507, 567 and others. Even so, it is worth asking from your first inquiry whether the repair service you are considering is able to work with your particular phone model and problem.

Always aim to choose a repair provider that employs trained engineers who can fix your mobile to a high standard of workmanship, whether you need iPhone or Blackberry repair in Dubai. When you contact a mobile repair provider, ask whether the business is able to collect and deliver your phone if this would be more convenient for you (not all service providers offer this).


What to do if a Phone Can’t be repaired

12122483_918780721529992_8938874284961867435_nOccasionally, after examining your phone carefully, repair experts will tell you that it cannot be fixed. If this happens, professionals who offer phone repair in Dubai as well as sales might have refurbished units that they can sell you for much less than a brand new phone. If you have a phone which is no longer working and it cannot be repaired, some phone fixing specialists will be willing to buy your phone for parts; otherwise you could try to sell it via local classifieds.


cell-phone-evolutionSo if you need phone repair in Dubai find reliable and trusted phone technicians who will be provide you with independent and competitive quotes immediately.'


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