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As businesses tend to grow it is important that their growth plans include the use of smart and efficient technology. Many businesses often get confused when choosing what’s the best PABX system in Dubai and the answer is to get all the facts so you can make the most appropriate decision for your business needs.

So should business owners consider a hosted PBX or an onsite PBX system? Let us have a look at the pros and cons of both:

Onsite PABX Offsite PABX (Hosted PABX)
Total Cost of Ownership Usually requires a higher initial investment. However over a period of 3-5 years this might turn out to be a cheaper option. This can be a lower cost at the point of entry and can be paid for with more affordable options- monthly, quarterly or agreed schedules.
Value Offering Provides greater flexibility and more options on features and functionality they will attract a higher cost. If customisation and flexibility are important to the business strategies then this option is suggested. These are commonly bundled features and charges are a fixed per-user cost.  So although you may have limited features you know how much you are spending.
Performance This will prioritize data traffic which means better voice quality. There is a further option to improve quality by adding a Session Border Controller (SBC) device but can add to the cost and technical complexity. Since there is no configured priority over voice and data traffic often the quality of calls can be affected.
VOIP or Analog If the business already has traditional PBX system and has a large volume of Analog phones, then it is recommended to procure a virtual PBX system as integration with an onsite system and Analog phones is a lot easier. Although they can be connected to traditional Analog office phones, they are best suited for interfacing with VoIP phones.
Security Features Similar to computers the PABX’s are also connected to the internet and can face the same vulnerabilities. Adequate security measures must be taken to avoid attacks, threats and denial of service. Always have a secure firewall in place. All security responsibilities lie with the service provider but businesses still need to have their data connections secured.
Maintenance Requires someone with specific skill sets and knowledgeable perform the MACD (Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletes) and other updates. All responsibilities of managing this are with the service provider or hosting company. Best recommended for businesses with minimal or no IT team.
Flexibility Very few limitations as they can be programmed and reconfigured at will as long as the skill sets are available. Advantageous for businesses who are expanding offices into the same network, providing greater flexibility for growth. Often is limited and businesses are reliant on the service providers to accommodate the frequency, complexity and nature of customisation. Can often involve costs.
Customisation If you have an onsite IT team then customization is not an issue as your team will be able to configure and manage this. Most of the simple deployments can be achieved via the onsite staff. This can be a challenge as most of the customization is usually handled by the service provider. Although some providers may offer some basic customization, complex configurations may not be possible or will attract costs.
Technical Support For businesses that already have a dedicated IT team and are managing other technology. Ensure your current IT team is skilled to support the solution or you may need to hire someone to do so. For businesses that do not have a dedicated IT team as this can save money on hiring additional resources.  One concern is that a 3rd party will be managing your service and you need to a good support contract with your service provider to they can resolve any issues.'


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