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In hot climates such as the United Arab Emirates, swimming pools provide much-needed relief from the fierce sun. Locals as well as visitors can be found at the many resorts dotted around Dubai and Abu Dhabi; however there are a lot of home owners who choose to build their own backyard pools. Although this requires ongoing maintenance and upkeep, however, but a professional swimming pool company can be hired to perform all the necessary tasks.

M3321M-0036Having a pool built at a private residence is an involved process – not only will you need to get the necessary approvals but you will also need to choose between a wealth of different options. A pool company will consult with you, helping you find the ideal design and pool type. If you already have a pool and need to have cracks or leaks fixed, a company specializing in repairs and maintenance can also be found. Sometimes a pool company can also install a chiller that will lower the temperature of the water to a comfortable degree.

Whether you want to build a pool or you require maintenance, advice for choosing cleaning, maintenance and repair services as well as pool construction and renovation follows.

Choosing a Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai

1435639180Because of sandstorms and the climate in Dubai, regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool is essential. If you have purchased a home with a swimming pool in Dubai or you are planning on having a design built from scratch, choose a pool maintenance company that has staff available to keep your pool in a pristine, useable condition. Because the chlorine and pH balance of a pool needs to be regulated for safe swimming, it is wise to entrust swimming pool maintenance to professionals rather than perform maintenance yourself. In Dubai, it is possible to find maintenance men who will visit your property more than once per week.

downloadBecause there is no government accreditation for pool maintenance and cleaning companies, it is worthwhile reading testimonials about a company before you decide to use it. If there are reviews of the business, read them to determine reliability.

Some businesses in Dubai provide an all-in-one package, consisting of pool cleaning and maintenance, while others allow you to pick and choose which services you want.

Choosing Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai: New Pools or Renovations

COMBI_UNITIf you are planning to build a pool it is important that you find company that is able to provide you with the filter and pump technology that is right for the size of your pool. If you have small children who do not yet know how to swim, it is also crucial to have safety solutions such as a pool cover and fence installed. A construction business that covers all aspects of construction, including safety, is the best.

It is important to always examine the background and credentials of potential contractors:

  • How experienced are they in building swimming pools?
  • Have they worked on any noteworthy constructions?


Installing Heating for your Swimming Pool

Because summer in Dubai is especially hot, you are unlikely to need heating for your swimming pool unless it is housed in a colder, indoor space. Nights and winters are considerably colder, however, and if you like to swim after a day’s work or want to be able to swim to keep fit in winter, a heating device is worth installing. Swimming pool contractors can install a temperature regulating system, and can also perform temperature adjustments when desired as part of your maintenance plan.'


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