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Of all the pests we come across in our houses- I think the one most pest which mentally scars us is the bedbug. Well our fear or extreme dislike of the bedbugs is justified as they feast on the human blood and we should be taking immediate and strong action to eliminate them. Although bedbugs are not known to like the heat, there are plenty of cases of bedbugs in Dubai which has reported. Even though it’s a hot climate, artificial cooling helps bedbugs to thrive inside our homes and residences.

However it would be a lot better for us if we knew all the facts and learn to discard all the myths about bedbugs. So before you panic and start throwing away those bedding and mattresses and start moving out of your home, have a look at the myth-busters below:

They are Only Found In Beds
: Although the most common place for bedbugs to reside are in beds and mattresses they can be still be found on coats, couches, sofas and even suitcases. Wherever there is a good source of food you are bound to find them.

They are found only in filthy places: Yes true. Unclean, filthy and dirty conditions are the most conducive environments for these bugs; where there is a lack of proper sanitary conditions. However they can be found in urban homes as well. At the end of the day they will prosper in conditions where they can feed.

They only attack at night: Typically these are creatures of the night and are most active during the middle of the night but they aren’t exclusive to night times. If their “food source” uses the bed during the day times they are known to adapt to the times of the user and can bite during the daytime.

They can transmit Diseases: So far there have been no known reports that bedbugs are carriers of diseases. Although their bites can cause itches, sores or other infections they are still not proven to be carriers of diseases

They are able to Fly: Bedbugs are not airborne creatures as they do not have wings. They cannot fly and usually stick on to surfaces.

They can be sprayed away: Even though we might have seen plenty of commercials and ads of spray cans swearing to remove bedbugs in Dubai – the truth is they just can’t be sprayed away. They need proper treatment which is fumigation and heat treatment.

The only way you will ever know there are bedbugs, is when you actually see them. The bites can be easily mistaken for ticks, termites, mosquito or other insect bites. So you can just never know you have bedbugs unless you have seen them – so keep your eyes open.

So if you feel and have seen bedbugs around your house, please know your facts and don’t try to remedy the issues yourself. You will need the help of pest control services in Dubai.



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