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Building upkeep is a time-consuming, ongoing project, and keeping a building in a good state of repair is often financially draining too. In the UAE, maintenance contractors are plentiful, partially due to the rapid development that has seen populous cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi blossom into major business hubs that draw expats from all over the gulf region and further afield. While it is possible to perform many upkeep tasks yourself if you have sufficient DIY knowledge, professional contractors have accessories to all the necessary tools and also have specialist knowledge regarding materials.

When choosing between maintenance companies in Dubai, it is possible to find competitive rates due to the large number of contractors working within the region. Even so, skilled labour is not always a given, thus it is crucial to use a reputable company for all your building maintenance needs. Because there are niche areas in which you might want your contractors to be skilled (such as sustainable maintenance solutions), it is worth taking time to find a company that meets all your needs.

Choosing between Maintenance Companies – the Time Factor

Although it is easy enough to find maintenance companies in UAE, not all service providers are equally reliable when it comes to completing projects within the specified time frame. Because running over time can mean ballooning budgets and extended disruption (especially in the case of office maintenance), it is essential to use a company that is known for being efficient and for optimizing its procedures using the latest available technology.

A good maintenance company will be willing to liaise with you regularly, to provide updates on task progress or to provide information concerning supplies and other aspects of a project. The most skilled contractors are used to finding creative solutions when faced with maintenance challenges in which standard procedures or solutions might be less effective than usual. A good company will be able to multitask, providing not only a hands-on approach to keeping you informed about the progress of your project but also a realistic timeframe for completion that is followed.

Finding Residential Maintenance Providers in Dubai

If your home is falling apart and you need to have the roof or walls repaired, or you need simple maintenance such as a new paint job, a maintenance company in Dubai offering all-in-one residential services can assist you. If you own your own home, you will need to hire a service yourself, but if you live in an apartment, responsibility for maintenance may lie with either your landlord or the real estate company that leases your apartment, depending on your tenancy agreement. In these cases, you might be stuck with using the owner or leaser’s preferred company, but in some cases you will be required to have structural problems fixed yourself and will be reimbursed later for your expenses.

Some companies offer package maintenance plans for residential clients. If you want the convenience of having a pre-arranged plan for home maintenance in Dubai, this could be the right solution for you. A package deal generally entails a monthly fee rather than a once-off payment, and might include provisions such as free emergency callouts and a specified number of callouts for electrical, plumbing or other repair services.

Maintenance in Dubai for Office Buildings

In the case of large buildings such as office complexes, fixed maintenance plans are useful for making sure that building facades or electrical circuitry or plumbing are kept in top condition. In a professional environment, a good state of repair helps to ensure smooth operation, and regular maintenance will help to prevent the kind of gradual dilapidation that requires extensive repair services which can be disruptive. When searching for maintenance contractors for an office space, make sure that the company you are considering has sufficient skilled manpower at its disposal to ensure that projects are completed in good time and workmanship is of a high standard.

In a an office, provisions such as working fire alarms and air conditioning and/or ventilation systems are essential. Even if your building has a handyman or janitor on-site who is able to perform basic repair or installation work, a well-connected maintenance company will have access to the necessary parts and supplies for resolving issues quickly and keeping everything in working order. Maintenance experts who provide system installations can also connect stand-by power supplies that will provide your building with backup power if there should ever be an electrical fault or other power cut. Maintaining and upgrading safety systems where necessary is important for ensuring that safety regulations are upheld.'


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