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We all love how technology adds value to our businesses in every aspect. We all love it so much that it’s almost taken for granted. You will agree that every business in Dubai uses technology in some capacity or the other. Whilst technology is working well we tend not to notice its operating capabilities but in instances where its stop working we are all incapacitated and are waiting for that “support” guy to “fix” it.

Wouldn’t it be better if all businesses knew how to manage and maintain their IT equipment better so we got the best out of them and avoid downtime as much as possible? After all” You don’t want what you have until its gone right? “. Here is a simple guide relating to IT Maintenance every business should know.

1. Maintenance Matters: Similar to our cars, appliances and heavy machinery even our IT systems need systemic and regular maintenance. Ignoring IT maintenance matters will always lead to a state of deterioration. Regular maintenance means that you are aware of the healthy state of your IT environment and avoids any surprises.

2. Maintenance Schedule: It’s always wise to perform the IT maintenance regularly. In order to manage this and have a planned approach it is smart to develop a maintenance schedule. Including your hardware, software, firmware and all their respective application updates, clean-ups and upgrades will help understand what systems require attention at what intervals. These can be scheduled into daily, weekly or monthly tasks depending on the criticality of your business activities. Having a regular maintenance schedule will also minimise interruptions, create standard windows for back-ups and maintenance and even reduce or perhaps eliminate downtime of your systems which could severely impact your business operations.

3. Hardware & Software: Both your hardware and software require the desired maintenance. One cannot perform without the other. There is no point getting inferior hardware or illegal licensees as in the long run they may damage your business.

4. Security: Always check your IT security to prevent threats, attacks and data compromise.  Any security lapse or infiltration can have a huge impact and to your business and sometimes revenue as well. Are your anti-viruses and licenses up-to date?

5. Proactive Monitoring: As your business grows it pays to invest in pro-active monitoring. This way you are notified of possible errors and failures which can cause greater downtime and impact to your core business offerings. Check which equipment is the most heavily used and may require possible upgrade or replacement.

6. Support: Make sure you have reliable IT support companies providing the required support and maintenance for your IT equipment and services. There is no replacement for expert management and experience.

7. Automation: The beauty about technology is that you are able to introduce automation into your business operations. Automation saves time and improve efficiency but most importantly eliminates human error which can sometimes lead to maintenance issues. All disk clean-ups de-fragmentation and updates can be automated at certain dates at required frequencies.

8. Documentation: It always makes sense to have all the information documented because the best part about writing is that you don’t have to remember everything! Once you have a structured document, organization of your maintenance and IT records will not be a problem.  Record all your software licensees, hardware asset management, configurations of your networking devices and when they should be upgraded or replaced.

9. Processes: Have processes in place on how to operate and manage your IT environment. Keep these processes simple and up-to date. Have them managed by your IT team so they are accurate. Include activities like changing passwords, access at different levels and other operating procedures.

Always view your IT environment as investment which supports your business and not as a cost. Engage with professional IT solution companies to maximize your business returns.'


Sam is the Executive Director at BusinessBid; a successful technology and business services manager having held successful leadership positions with global organizations. Sam believes finding an experienced service provider shouldn't be a challenge but an easy process and seamless process. Sam loves traveling and is a poker shark.

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