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 The installation of irrigation systems for maintaining pretty green spaces needs to be managed with the utmost environmental sensitivity. In hot climates like the UAE, irrigation systems play a major role in the urban landscape and infrastructure. Irrigation systems are used in the UAE for :-

Residential houses, villas and housing complexes.          irr4
Commercial complexes such as malls and hotels
Sports pitches
Public spaces such as parks and gardens.

 Choosing an irrigation system that is water –wise is imperative, but in conjunction with this, one can also

  •  Get your garden space designed with plants that need less water for survival than others
  • If one is using a sprinkler system, adjust the sprinklers to maximize the watering of the plants, and less watering of paves, pavement and road space
  • Always water at cooler times in the day when the temperatures are lower and evaporation is less.


Commonly Used Irrigation Systems in the UAE

The most commonly used is the sprinkler system or also known as the spray irrigation system. However in hotter climates like Dubai it is deemed environmentally unfriendly as it causes more evaporation than water to plants. This is not the system you want for your garden; although it is cheaper it not is not the best.

Drip irrigation is used a lot more for climates like Dubai. Perforated tubes are fixed to a water hose or outlet source and when water is turned on at intervals it consistently drips onto or into the ground. There is less wastage than a sprinkler system.

A gravel irrigation system is onerous to install, but once installed it is effective. The area for planting is excavated and a waterproof sheet put into the ground to catch the water. Gravel is then placed in the bottom of the waterproofed area, for drainage, and a large pipe placed in among the gravel under the top layer of soil. Holes are drilled into the pipe in strategic positions. In a space that would ordinarily user approximately 10 to 12 liters of water if using a sprinkler system, you can effectively reduce your usage to 2.5 liters.

Choosing the Right Company

  •  Good irrigation companies In Dubai should always have water conservation as its driver.
  • Has your irrigation company assessed your needs?
  • Have they quoted for a picture based design irrigation system?
  • How long will installation take?
  • If an already established garden, what will be the least impact on your space when installation happens?
  • Is your system manual or automatic?
  • Can your system be programmed and operated electronically?
  • What is the best time to irrigate that will benefit your plants and conservation of water?
  • Have you discussed a maintenance plan with your irrigation company? This is especially important for commercial gardens.
  • What is the guarantee offered on your system?


Irrigation Repairs

Proactive management of your irrigation system will ensure early detection of problems in the system, minimizing wasted water, dying plants and further damage to the system through blocked pipes. You may feel you have the know-how to check your system on a regular basis, or you may want a specialized irrigation company to come in on a regular basis and do this for you.

Enthusiastic pets, overzealous gardeners can all cause pipe leaks, blocked nozzles, electrical issues, and blockages all causing a failed or failing irrigation system.

Ask your irrigation company to show you were your main water supply tap is, and how to turn it off (if you do not already know this) in the case of an emergency. This will enable you to stop the water supply temporarily till your system is fixed.

If you have technical drawing of the irrigation design, keep them on file, so that if you need to get a different company in at a later stage to repair the system, they have a map to work from.



Chandni Purswani is a sophomore at New York University pursuing a dual major in Economics and Computer Science. Born and brought up in Dubai, she considers it her home. In her free time she loves discovering hole-in-the-wall coffee shops and getting lost in a good book.

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