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However easy it appears in Dubai, building a house or designing a building project is never easy, especially if there is a design element attached to it. Whether it is building our dream home, renovating an office space or refurbishment of the workplace or even just uplifting a part of an existing building, it always seem daunting.

There are so many aspects to consider and since design is such a personal part of our project, we often tend to be choosy and selective on who to engage considering there are so many interior design companies in Dubai. But here’s a thought- unless we ask the right questions, how are we expected to get the right answers.

Below are 10 questions you must ask  interior designers in Dubai before hiring for your next project:

1. What are your Design Inspirations & Influences? You need to understand a designer’s style and philosophy and see if it aligns with your project needs. Different designers have different views as some are more abstract, some are very artsy and some are realists. You need to choose someone who is best suited to your project.

2. Are you qualified and what are your credentials? A good indicator of an interior designer will be the educational qualifications, industry affiliations and credentials they possess. Most good interior designers will have impressive credentials to back their portfolios.

3. What are the exact services you provide? Some design professionals just provide the design only and others will provide a design and build as well. Check with your designer what services they provide and what services you require for your project.

4. Do you have a portfolio I can review? Good interior designers will have an updated and honest portfolio of their projects which should give you an idea of their skill levels and creativity. In addition to viewing a portfolio online, ask if they have one in a hard copy as well.

5. Have you worked on a comparable project before? It’s always best to hire interior designers in Dubai who have worked on similar projects before as they have the required experience and exposure.

6. Can you provide me details of contactable references? A good interior designer will be able to provide you details of previous clients who have had works done in the recent past. That should give you an opportunity to have an honest conversation about the quality and behaviour of the design professional.

7. Is my design project achievable? You need to work with an interior designer who is honest about your project requirements whether it comes to design, budgets and timelines. There is very little gain in hiring someone who will just agree to win your business.

8. Do you work alone or do you have a team? Some designers work alone and outsource non-core activities to 3rd parties, whilst other designers have their own team at their disposal. As your designer how they work and how the project will be delivered and where the responsibility lies.

9. What are your costs? Always ask the interior designer regarding their pricing structure. Do they charge by the hour or is it a fixed price? How many variations does this include? This will help you to assess your budgeting requirements.

10. How will the updates and communication be managed? Advise what the best way of communicating with you is. Would you prefer personal meetings at regular intervals or would you require frequent email updates? Would you require drawings to be sent to you for approvals? Agree on a practical and efficient way of communication.



Mel is a successful Interior Design Director from Melbourne, Australia, working in Dubai. She has over 15 years of experience in the design industry working for successful design practices in the Asia Pacific market places. Her other major interests include photography, travelling and loves to try out new cuisines.

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