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Bathroom Maintenance and Fixtures

 While a bathroom is usually not the showpiece in your home, it should be a place of comfort and refuge for your daily use. A real luxury spend is having a bathroom that you find aesthetically pleasing, is comfortable and functional. Spend some time with your architect or interior designer, designing your perfect bathroom with the space you have available.

  • Is storage space important to you?
  • How many towel rails do you need?
  • Are fixtures and fittings ergonomically placed for ease of use?
  • What shape and size bath best suits your needs and space?
  • Is a bath an unnecessary spend, as you only like showering?
  • Do I need a one or two person shower?

Bathroom fitting and fixture design has become a field of great innovation and creativity, and there is a wide variety of choice on offer to you. Whether it is a bathroom renovation in Dubai or the installation of a new bathroom, your careful planning is key.

Bathroom Tiling

Your bathroom tiles pull your room together and provide the backdrop for your fittings and fixtures.

There are so many fabulous bathroom tiles in Dubai on the market to choose from, depending on what look you want to achieve,

  • Natural stone & Slate
  • Ceramic tiles gloss & Ceramic tiles matt
  • Glass mosaics& Composite stone

When choosing tiles for a bathroom, you are choosing floor tiles, and in most cases a complimentary wall tile. Keep the following in mind when choosing bathroom tiles.

  • Before shopping work out your budget which should include your adhesive and grouting costs.
  • Get your tiler to calculate how many square meters of tiling you need including wastage
  • Floor tiles in a bathroom should be non-slip to avoids accidents & hazards,
  • Choose a grout that matches your tiles.


Bathroom tiling installation

Professional installation of tiling is important. Bad tiling is easy to spot, and you have to live with it for a long time post the completed job.

  • A good tiler will always consider the starting point for the tiling installation to minimize cuts and place cut tiles in a position of low visibility.
  • Where possible ensure that the junctions or joints match between the end of the floor tiles and the beginning of the wall tiles.
  • In a bathroom set up a skirting needs to be a waterproof material, or a suitable treated non waterproof material to avoid moisture ingress.
  • All old tiles and adhesive needs to be stripped from the existing bathroom prior to a new installation. The remaining plaster needs to be chipped as well.


Bathroom Fittings

 You might be buying new fittings for your bathroom or revamping existing fittings.

  • Usually re-usable fittings include baths and basins.
  • Porcelain toilets are fragile and usually break when being removed.
  • Fittings will vary from standard fittings bought from a sanitary retailer to manufacturer.
  • When choosing your basins, there are several considerations,
  • Free standing or vanity?
  • Under counter, flush mounted or surface mount
  • Exposed bottle trap or hidden plumbing?
  • A separate hot and cold tap or a mixer?
  • When choosing your bathtub, there are also several considerations,
  • Size?
  • Centre or end taps?
  • Corner unit? Free standing or built in?


Bathroom fitting installation 

  • Always plan for new traps and basic plumbing connections.
  • Your installer should be experienced in using the right materials, glues, waterproofing etc.
  • Use a licensed plumber to connect your drainage and sewage to the correct pipes.
  • Ensure that basins and baths are level when they are installed.
  • Ensure that the overflow pipe is clear and installed correctly to avoid future flooding 


Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

 The fixtures and bathroom accessories are the fun part, the icing on the top of the cake.

  • Taps, Plugs, Towel rails, Toilet roll holders, Soap dishes, Shower racks
  • Wall mounted cabinets, Mirrors, Heated towel rails

These really do accessorize your bathroom and start to personalize your choices. You don’t have to be the most expensive fittings on the market, but resist going for the bottom of the range. There are a fantastic range of available bathroom accessories in Dubai.


Bathroom accessories installation

 Just like your tiling, poor installation of your fixtures and fittings is going to cheapen the look of your new bathroom. Your installer should always

  • Use a spirit level and measure up carefully before installing.
  • Check heights of towel rails, toilet roll holders for easy use.
  • Avoid drilling directly into a tile, but if it is a necessity to use the right drill bits to avoid breakage.
  • Avoid marking tiles or fittings with anything other than a pencil.


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