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Who doesn’t like to look or feel good? We all do. Even though the saying “beauty is skin deep” is true- first impressions count. People get impressed and attracted by glamorous looks and everyone does their best to impress at all social gatherings and events.

Dubai is a place with has glamorous people and we all try our best to look good and attractive and often we hire the services of a good make-up artist to help us get that “look” but what to look for in a good make-up artist in Dubai?

 Here are a few tips to help you.


Reliable Skills

images (13)A good make-up artist should have all the relevant skill sets and knowledge of their trade. After all you are entrusting them with you representation and your face- the most important element of your looks and initial impressions. So choose someone who is experienced and is an expert at beauty and styling services.

Happy-Girl-wearing-GlassesHas Happy Clients

A good make-up artist will always have happy clients and these clients will be able to provide good references and will leave good reviews about her performance and workmanship. Check out reviews  from previous clients about their own experiences.


Compatibilityimages (14)
You and your make-up artist both need to feel comfortable working with each other. There shouldn’t be any pressure or any nervousness – after all this is a creative and complex process and trust is a huge factor. Try and work with someone who has a great personality, friendly and easy to work with.


download (5)True Professionalism:

A good make-up artist needs to be extremely professional and respectful of her clients. She needs to demonstrate a high level of customer service and customer care.


images (10)Do not make a rookie mistake of hiring an inexperienced make-up artist. Regardless of the scale and importance of your event, you need to work with someone who is experienced and understand all styles and products. An experienced artist will be able to recommend different styles for different events and will be even able to pull off the most difficult look you are trying to achieve.

Knowledge about Products:

download (8)A good make-up artist will have a good knowledge and understanding of all the available products in the market from different manufacturers. She will have in-depth knowledge of what products will be suitable for which event and to achieve which type of particular look the client is hoping to achieve.


images (11)No two people wish to look alike in terms of their appearance, style or make-up in any social setting. So your make-up artist needs to be creative, edgy and have out-of-the box thinking. She needs to be well read and aware of what is happening in the world of glamour. She needs to create styles and designs.

Don’t go for the cheapest

images (9)Do not make the mistake of choosing your make-up artist by going for the cheapest one. Agreed that everyone needs to be cost-conscious but there are some areas you just do not compromise. Like you wouldn’t go a specialist doctor based on price alone, you shouldn’t choose your make-up artist on this criterion as well.

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