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One of the first things we do after getting a pet is to find out where we can get access to good pet care and services. After all we want the best for our pets and fur-babies in all aspects of healthy, hygiene and care. Like we wouldn’t go to a cheap or unreliable doctor in Dubai we shouldn’t be compromising on the quality of pet care and services for our loved pets. After all a happy pet is a happy pet-owner.

If you’re looking to find dog training, pet grooming or any kind of pet care services in Dubai, here’s what you should be looking for when talking to possible service providers:

Make sure your service provider has been trained to do the job. If you’re hiring a pet sitter, make sure they have some experience caring for this particular pet in Dubai. If you’re speaking to dog trainers, check that they have the proper credentials and have had some training with dogs. Ask for references.


  • dog-walkerReliability.

Make sure to choose someone you can trust. This is important both because your pet caretaker will be in charge of one of your beloved pet, and also because often you may give pet sitters or trainers access to your house and your belongings. Try to go with one of the established, reputable, pet care service providers in Dubai. You will be trusting these people with the key to your house, not to mention the wellbeing of your most priceless belonging – the pets.


  • dogs-1Availability

Always check beforehand that the individual or company has not overstretched its resources and will be able to care for your pet regularly and in a reasonable time frame. You should not wait months for dog grooming in Dubai, and pet sitters should be available for house visits whenever you deem it necessary.



  • 200295055-001Compassion for animals

This is perhaps the most important factor: you wouldn’t want to leave your dog or cat with even with the most skilled trainers in Dubai, if you thought they might mistreat your animals. Check the conditions in which animals are kept, what they are fed and if a veterinarian services will be available in case of illness or injury.



  • Customer Service

You need to go to someone who cares and provides service 1560365excellence. This shows that they genuinely care about their customers and are interested to help you out and are not purely focused on their business or commercial interests.  It doesn’t matter what service you procure from them, you and your pet should be treated with love, respect and care.



If you want to get a quote for pet services in Dubai, you are more than welcome to fill out the simple form and have pre-screened and approved professionals contact you with quotes for your requirements



Chandni Purswani is a sophomore at New York University pursuing a dual major in Economics and Computer Science. Born and brought up in Dubai, she considers it her home. In her free time she loves discovering hole-in-the-wall coffee shops and getting lost in a good book.

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