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First-Impression-of-WebsiteWe all have heard the saying “First encounters leave a lasting impressions”. This saying is so true for businesses which advertise their company name and branding via different products in competitive and fast-paced markets like Dubai.

Businesses try different marketing methods and strategies to either win a new customer or retain an existing customer. These methods include the traditional printing products such as a clean-cut business card, a striking company brochure or an impressive catalogue.

business-cards-printing-1Regardless of what business printing will always be a key requirement and the “quality” of printing is very critical. The need to print high quality products will always remain and hence we see emerging technology solutions which assist printing companies in Dubai to enable this quality.
For example the way a cover of a magazine looks or the way a concert poster is represented usually has a strong influence on the sales of the magazine or concert. High quality printing  grabs the attention of consumers which helps in brand recognition and brand awareness.

28-unique-business-card-870How many times have we looked at flimsy business cards and have ridiculed them for using a cheap paper or a cheap printing press? The rules are simple – if you wish to make an impression there are some aspects you cannot compromise and printing is one of them.

So if you are a business owner hoping to make an impact with your customers then engage a professional printing press who can help you achieve high quality printing.What’s even better is that high quality is not necessarily expensive.

The key is to find time and a source to get access to such printing companies.



Salman is a leading authority on business trends in the UAE having successfully run companies in the Automotive and Internet industries. He is currently Founder and Managing Director at BusinessBid, a search portal focused on helping users find service professionals in the UAE. When not writing, his passions are Travel, Technology and Gastronomy.

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