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In Dubai’s high paced, metropolitan lifestyle, there will always be an occasion that will call for a babysitter. Whether it’s just for one night, or a weekly job, there are some key points to remember while hiring one. They’re someone you are trusting with your precious children, and being an employer, you have certain responsibilities towards them too.

For a smooth experience that leaves you and your children happy, when hiring a babysitter in Dubai avoid making these mistakes:


  1. Being unclear in your job expectation:

A babysitter’s primary work is to take care of your kids, and clean up Objectives_gapafter them and themselves. Make sure you specifically mention what duties are expected of them in your ad, so your applicants know their responsibilities from the get go. Expecting to come back to a pristine, squeaky-clean house with all the laundry done is unrealistic if all you’ve asked for is someone to look after your kids while you’re away.


  1. Not staying alert during the interview:

downloadAfter you’ve done their background check (which is very important!), always call them for an interview. How well do they respond to your questions? What is their personality like? Look at their personality, and not just how well they answer your questions.A cheerful, bubbly personality will get your kids not just to listen to their babysitter, but to like them as well. After all, the children are the ones they’ll spend the most time with. Make sure you bring out your children and let them meet each other, and notice how they handle your child.


  1. Forgetting to show them around:

tourBefore leaving the house, have you shown them around your home? You don’t want to lose out on your babysitter’s efficiency if they don’t know where everything is. This will also save you from multiple phone calls asking where the plates are, where the microwave is, and where their bedroom is. Orientation will prevent frustration from your side, as well as your babysitter’s.


  1. Not letting your kids in on it beforehand:

Mother_talking_to_daughterThere is nothing more frustrating than a child that doesn’t listen. Also, don’t just put your child to sleep before you leave, leaving them to wake up with a new babysitter! Make your babysitter’s life easier by letting your child know that while you are away, the babysitter is in charge. Everything will be much smoother once your child understands what’s happening.


  1. Leaving them to handle everything by themselves:

5_things_you_can_do_to_raise_an_independent_kid_655_228393691Does your child have any allergies? Do you usually put them on a time out when they misbehave? Are they not allowed to do certain things? No detail is too irrelevant when it comes to your children. Let your sitter know everything about your child’s behavior and mannerisms, and don’t just let them deal with it once you’re out the door. Leave them your contact details, but briefing them in beforehand on how to deal with a situation will definitely limit the number of phone calls they make.


Remember these vital tips so that your kids enjoy being with your babysitter, and you have a smooth day out without any hassle. Besides, a happy babysitter ensures a happy child!


If you need a babysitter in Dubai, make an informed decision and get free quotes from experienced and reliable babysitters now.





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