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For centuries Henna designs have been a part of beauty and styling, predominantly for women. Although its origin has been traced to the Middle East, its popularity has spread to almost all parts of the world- even to the Western world.


Today Henna artists are experts in creating Arabic, Indian, Eastern and modern contemporary designs to suits the beauty needs of women from all walks of life. Whether you have an upcoming wedding or simply have a girls night coming u and intend to indulge in Henna designs consider the following before hiring a good Henna artist in Dubai.


You do not have sensitive skin:

Basically Henna is actually a paste made out of plants plant in the form of a dye and is applied to hands, feet and fingernails. Before you apply henna on to yourself ensure that you are not allergic to it or have a bad reaction. The best way to check is to apply a little Henna on a small part of your hand and leave it overnight. If you do not have any irritation or redness or feel sore you should be fine with no reactions.


Henna is temporary and not permanent:

100-Mehndi-Designs-HandArt-DesignsmagYou need to be aware that Henna design and patters are not permanent. This is not a tattoo. There is no ink and needles involved., The henna artist will apply beautiful patterns on your hands or feet which will leave a temporary mark after the past has dried off and falls off.  They usually turn orange in color to either dark red or dark brown within the next 12-48 hours.


Leave them overnight for best results:

The objective of applying Henna design is to ensure a beautiful pattern with a bright color. So to achieve that final look the Henna paste after application should be kept on for several hours and preferably overnight. If it is kept only for a short duration then it may only leave a faint and light look.


Avoid children from getting Henna designs:

4f69d8ddc5aa12a565369efc8f857c50It is advisable to avoid applying Henna on young children. Children are unable to hold and maintain the dried paste for hours and will be un-coordinated. Most importantly if there is any child who is G6PD deficient should have Henna applied to them.  Also under no circumstances should an infant be applied any Henna on them.



There is no religious significance:

One also has to remember that Henna has no religious significance. No particulates religion endorses it nor do they forbid it. People of all religions have used Henna application whether they are- Muslims, Hindus, Jews or Christians for their social or personal needs. Also Henna is not strictly used on women but very seldom do men apply Henna.


Choose Good Quality Henna:

henna-design5Also to get the best results, ask your henna artist to use a good quality Henna. The normal color for Henna is either brown or red and it is definitely not black. Its best to avoid any Henna which has PPD in it and only natural Henna should be used.



If you need a good henna artist in Dubai for your next social event or gathering get started now.


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