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We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to our personal preferences and things we like in life. It’s the same with our service providers as well. Once we find a good dentist, tailor, baker or a hair stylist we tend to be “regulars”. And that’s because our preferred service professionals or vendors precisely provide us with service what we want and meet or exceeds our expectations.


This is particularly true when it comes to personal grooming matters – once we find a good hair stylist in Dubai we tend to stick with them. But what makes a hair stylist good? Well let’s have a look at the skills of a good hair stylist:


Traits of a Good Hair Stylist


  1. images (8)Passionate:

A good hair stylist needs to be passionate about his or her trade. She genuinely needs to love being in the grooming business and hence chosen that career or taken up that job.


  1. Trendy:

A good hair stylist will herself have a trendy and fashionable hair-do. She should be able to sport a hair style which is in current trend and should have healthy hair. Her hair style should impress her clients and she should be able to inspire them through her personal styles.


  1. download (3)Understands Styling:

What a good hair stylist will demonstrate her knowledge about the different hair-cuts, hair products and is able to recommend personal styles to her clients. She should be aware of what the industry standards are and what the celebrities are sporting and seeking.


  1. Certifications:

A credible hair stylist will have formal certifications from a grooming institute or a school where she would have learnt her trade. She also would have done her traineeship or an internship with a reputed stylist where she would have learnt some valuable work experience.


  1. download (4)Good People Skills:

A great personality and good inter-personal skills are mandatory in this industry. A good hair stylist should have a friendly disposition and makes her clients feel welcome and comfortable. She should be able to create a good rapport with her clients and should take a genuine interest in their personal lives to understand them better.


  1. Helps Clients:

The whole objective for us to visit a good hair stylist is to get a good, trendy and fashionable hair-style. Whether it is a scheduled hair-cut, a job interview, a wedding or just the need for a change – we want to look good and our hair style is an important part of our presentation. A good hair stylist will understand the suitability of hair styles on different individuals and recommend a good style. They will understand what their clients need and aim to provide a good hairstyle to them.


  1. images (3)Good Customer Service:

Most importantly like a true professional, a good hair stylist should be able to demonstrate good customer service skills. Greeting them with their names, ensuring they get attention and acknowledgement when they enter and most importantly they are satisfied happy customers is the objective.


Regardless of what your requirement is- everyone deserves a good hair-do.


If you are looking for a good hairstylist in Dubai and don’t know where to go, simply complete the short form below and get quotes from affordable and experienced stylists now.



Chandni Purswani is a sophomore at New York University pursuing a dual major in Economics and Computer Science. Born and brought up in Dubai, she considers it her home. In her free time she loves discovering hole-in-the-wall coffee shops and getting lost in a good book.

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