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Like any other major city Dubai is a bustling point for many businesses and considered the commercial capital of the Middle East. Most businesses in Dubai recognize the fact that outdoor advertising and signboards represent a significant element of marketing. Visual representation of your business is key as it is viewed by thousands of pedestrians and motorists. But the question is do you just put up a signboard of your business on the street or is there a method to it.

Read some tips below which good signboard companies in Dubai can help create for you, which can make a positive impact for your business.

1. Design: Designing a signboard is probably one of the most critical aspects of an impressive signage. Similar to how you would engage a professional to design your website, brochures and even a business card- you have to ensure that your signboard is designed by a professional. Getting the design right is probably half the challenge accomplished. Remember to keep the design simple.

2. Size: Does Size Matter? What is relevant is to choose a signboard which does justice to your design. In fact the design and the scale of the signage should be thought of concurrently, The last thing you want is a signboard which looks dis-proportionate or visually unappealing if it is too big or too small. Try to visualize the size from the viewer’s point of view and how to grab their attention. The size of the signboard also depends on where exactly you will be placing it, which brings to our next factor – location.

3. Graphics: The choice and use of colors will go a far way in determining an impressive signboard. You want your signage to be impressive and catchy but at the same time you don’t it to appear too loud and busy. Try to use colors which enhance the message you are trying to send across and are aligned with:

a. Your company branding

b. Product or Service you are Offering
Keep the background or back-drop in mind when choosing your colors. For example if it is going to be a street signage where the color of the shop-fronts is dark and grey- try something light and bright, You don’t want your signage to get “lost” with your immediate environment.

5. Material: Pay attention to the material on which your signage will be printed on and how it will be done. Will it be paper, vinyl, plastic or canvas? Will it be digitally done? How will the final print appear and look? You need to consider all these combinations before-hand.

6. Distinction: Remember people will notice signage which is different, so try to be different and creative. If your signboard is going to look like every 3rd signboard on the street, chances are people will ignore it because it will not stand out and no business wants that. Incorporate contrast through messaging, colour, use of graphics or styling but create a sense of uniqueness. Your objective is to get noticed.

Remember that you only have a few seconds of attention from the viewers and you need your signboard literally to stand out and get noticed. So have a simple striking design aiming for the most impact.
If you are a business owner looking to get an impressive signboard prepared hire a professional.




Salman is a leading authority on business trends in the UAE having successfully run companies in the Automotive and Internet industries. He is currently Founder and Managing Director at BusinessBid, a search portal focused on helping users find service professionals in the UAE. When not writing, his passions are Travel, Technology and Gastronomy.

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