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The Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) has been home to many trade shows and exhibitions since the 1980’s and many businesses in Dubai showcase their services and products every year. However the way exhibitions have been hosted has dramatically changed over the years. Earlier people were just focused on getting any booth space, opening up their box of goods and showing their products to potential customers.

Well times have changed now- whilst in principle the concept might be still the same, the art and science behind exhibition stands are very different. Companies are now aware of what works and what doesn’t, how to stay head of their competition, how to position their products and services effectively and how to maximize their participation value- all through smart and effective designing of Exhibition Stands. Here is a look at some of the basic guidelines which will help your business next time you wish to participate in a trade show or an exhibition in Dubai.

  • location-location-locationLocation, location, location: Real estate is king and key and it is no different in trade shows. In any exhibition there are prime zones and sections which are more-sought. These locations come with easy access, high visitor traffic and other premium benefits and of course they are probably more expensive than the other spots. But then every good thing has a price. A good location in an exhibition coupled with a good exhibition stand design could be worth the marketing expense or investment – depends how you see it.


  • First-Impression-of-WebsiteFirst impressions Count: Any exhibition environment is a busy, noisy and buzzing environment. Visitors have limited time to visit as many exhibition stands as they can and sometimes the decision is made merely by visual selection. An attractive and eye-catching exhibition stand will always have a visual advantage over a stand which is boring and unappealing. So make sure your exhibition stand is attractive in its design, is creative and uses the airspace above the stand as a visual signal. Try and use different materials and colors; incorporate high technology solutions to stand out. Have presentable and energetic people at your stand representing your brand who thrive on such busy environments to attract the crowd.


  • 4Attractive and Functional Set-Up: Whilst designing your exhibition stand ensure that the design is representative of your brand. The aesthetic appeal of the stand and the functional use of the space should be well thought of. From the moment the visitor enters your stand, the organized walk-way show-casing your products or services should be self-explanatory. Create an experience for the visitor. Eliminate dead spaces or spaces which can be congested.  Have effective layout, bright displays and articulate audio visual and lighting to create a visually appealing ambience. Create a space which attracts the specific target audience, and avoids confusion. Integrating the balance between the visual element and functional elements will ensure you have an exhibition stand which is not only attractive but also effective.


  • Visitors-to-earn-onlineVisitor Traffic: At the end of the day the aim of a good exhibition stand design is to generate a high volume of visitor traffic. However you need to generate visitor traffic which is relevant and quality driven and not volume driven. You need to target and attract the correct visitor segment who have a genuine interest in your product or service. Whilst you may not get every visitor who might be a customer but as long as your brand is getting marketed with the right target segment, it is definitely helpful.


  • 71HO6gT-32L._SX522_Effective Messaging: “More is less” – we’ve often heard the saying and in exhibitions it makes absolute sense. The more writing or literature you have on your display boards the least effective it tends to be. People like simple messages. Messages which are easy to read and representative of your brand. Once anyone has to read a whole board of messages, they lose interest and focus. A good exhibition stand will use strategic locations of the stand effectively which usually catches the attention of the viewer. Use good lighting and creative displays to garner initial interest. Even with your printed material be more visual and use graphics instead of data and text. People can identify a logo or a symbol with ease rather than loads of data. This is the best way information will be retained by your visitors.'


Sam is the Executive Director at BusinessBid; a successful technology and business services manager having held successful leadership positions with global organizations. Sam believes finding an experienced service provider shouldn't be a challenge but an easy process and seamless process. Sam loves traveling and is a poker shark.

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