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Unless you’re a flower enthusiast or an expert in floriculture it is very hard for the common person to know and understand what flowers to give during each occasion or which flowers in Dubai to choose for your next celebration?

Here is a dummies guide to know what every flower color means so you can make the right choice.

Our reasons for giving flowers are infinite whether it is weddings, birthdays, graduations, parties, births or even illnesses and condolences. When chosen correctly flowers have a lot to say and by properly selecting the flowers that will enhance your moments of happiness.

What Colors Represent:

  • White flowers: Purity, Consolation, Elegance.
  • Yellow flowers: Glory and Prosperity.
  • Orange flowers: Joy and Grandeur
  • Pink flowers: Gentleness and Affection.
  • Red flowers: Passion and Love.
  • Blue flowers: Joy and Friendship.
  • Purple flowers: Generosity and Humility.
  • Green flowers: Hope and Optimism.



The Most Influential Flower:

When we think of a flower by default we visualize and think of the rose and it is no coincidence that it is the most cultured flower in the world. There are about 250 known rose species and thousands of varieties. So what do the elements of rose say?

  • Red roses demonstrate of love and passion.
  • White roses give a message of purity, innocence and reconciliation.
  • Rose buds and petals demonstrate childhood and innocence.



A few tips when choosing Flowers in Dubai:

  • Ask for Help: If you are unsure, its best to seek professional advice. See your florist as your friend and look for suggestions and recommendations. Choosing flowers for weddings and bigger events can be overwhelming and it is not worth the stress so get the help required. The dividends will pay off.
  • Best to Stay in Season: Whilst its great to go through albums, magazines and brochures to imagine, visualize and lust for those mind-blowing flowers you need to be realistic as well. Remember that flowers like fruits and vegetable and even fashions are seasonal. What seems to be going around in May in Dubai may not be exactly conducive or available in December.
  • Go local or Regional: Considering the warm and hot climate of Dubai its best to opt for flowers in Dubai which are more local and regional. They weather through the climate, are more easily available and are reasonably priced as well. They include lilies, daisies, tulips, carnations, daylilies, sunflowers, daffodils and orchids are always good options.


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